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In today’s edition we’ll be looking at:


A side hustle is something you can do alongside something else. Either a 9-5 job or a business.

These things can be done online and at any time as long as you plan your day.

Some look funny but you can focus on the ones that look realistic to you.

Just find out where and how you can offer these services.


A social listener is someone who gets first-hand information before it gets to the public, especially celebrity information that can be sold in exchange for money.

This information is sold and you can be paid per information.


This is pretty straightforward. I love this one because it speaks to me.

You can create content for brands, write their ads copy, and draw up simple scripts for their video content creation.

You just guide them on how to make these videos and help them gain visibility.


The truth is that not everyone can run Ads. If you are good at it, it can become a side hustle and earn you money. 10 SIDE HUSTLES TO CONSIDER IN 2022

If you want to make more sales, organic marketing won’t get you very far, you need ads to reach more people.



Some apps help you direct videos anywhere in the world. You tell them how to shoot the video and you edit it.

Even if you don’t direct it, you can carve a niche for yourself by just editing videos others have shot.

You can help business owners edit their videos for a fee.

Video editing is an important skill to acquire in 2022 because videos bring more visibility.

You need a smartphone and knowledge of apps to aid you in editing.


I’ve talked about this before. Now I’m taking it more seriously.

You can become an affiliate marketer for so many products or services at the same time.

Just make different posts and ensure to share your affiliate link so you can earn your percentage when they pay through your link.

One sure way to attract people to pay for these services or products is to offer them something for free.

Offer them either an ebook or free coaching on something of value.


Knowledge is the new oil well. Just ensure your knowledge is something that can be monetized.

Get over Imposter syndrome and self-doubt and write a book or create an online course in whatever industry you find yourself in.

Your first product won’t be your best but kill the inertia.

You just need data and a Smartphone and knowledge of a few skills.

People don’t believe it but I wrote BREACH, VERDICT, CREDENCE, BESTIE, and every post I’ve published online with my phone.

All of them are over 100,000 words each.

Yes, I own a laptop but I also edit with my phone, there’s a lot you can do with your phone.


I posted about showing people how to earn money and not just sharing motivational quotes. 10 SIDE HUSTLES TO CONSIDER IN 2022

Someone asked me what if no one showed me the way to who do I connect people?

I told the person to show them how he made it even if it’s for a fee.

How did you keep your business afloat when you were struggling?

Teach that blueprint to people with struggling businesses.

Draw up a template for others to use. Teach them how to structure their businesses and their prices.

Let that be your sub-niche “I teach small business owners to structure their businesses”.


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This is worth considering especially as WhatApp automation is becoming a thing.

You can help WhatsApp group owners respond to chats, automate them, and most importantly help them host up to 10 classes at once with automation.


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You see this one I’ve taken it seriously. There are so many people wanting to register to so many websites.

For instance, I started taking my writing seriously outside the shores of this country so I needed to go to Fiverr and Upwork and register.

You can help people upload their books to Okadabooks and Bambooks, even Amazon Kindle.

You can become an expert in these fields and help people register on these websites by being a step ahead and learning the ropes and charging a fee for your service.


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This is especially for teachers in fields like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and further mathematics.

If you’re so good in these fields please make your presence felt online.

Start by making videos where you solve equations that seem difficult for free.

Soon people would want you to solve some for them, at the beginning you need to prove yourself so you may have to solve a few for free before charging for your service.

You are the teacher and you know the parts of the syllabus students consider difficult.

You can capitalize on those areas and carve a niche for yourself.

Thank you for reading.

I’ll love to read in the comments section other side hustles that we can try in 2022.

We rise by helping others.



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