13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity will shock you when you read numbers 3 to 9 in the list.

Before we start let us see the definition of affiliate marketing first before talking about its productivity.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

An affiliate is quite similar to an online sales agent. The duty of an affiliate is to promote and sell products from vendors. Affiliates get paid in commissions from each of the sale made. It’s a low-cost business that could bring big profit when done the right way.

One of the many wonders of the Internet business is that it allows everyone to have the same opportunity to succeed. Affiliate marketing is one of those businesses. What sets a successful online entrepreneur apart from the rest is creativity and skills. For a better understanding of this business read this article, This article will teach you how to achieve success.

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity


Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production. Often, a productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of aggregate output to a single input or an aggregate input used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input, typically over a specific period of time. Wikipedia

Although some people are fully dedicated to affiliate marketing, others hold down full-time jobs and market on the side.  No matter which camp you belong to, there is simply never enough time to get everything done that needs to be accomplished.

That’s why it is imperative that we discover the best way to learn affiliate marketing productivity when completing work-related responsibilities.  The more productive that we can be the greater the free time we will conversely be able to enjoy.

Following are 13 ways that affiliate marketing can increase productivity for us.  Look through all of them and decide which one’s works best for you.  In so doing you will be able to accomplish your work-related goals while enjoying life as it should be lived with your friends and family.


1. Build Up Your Reputation: Become an authority


Your reputation will be one of the most useful tools in your mission to make money online.
It’s not that hard to conceptualize. It’s really just common sense. If your audience trusts you and the material you give them, then it will be easier for them to trust the products you’re selling or leading them into.
If you don’t want to sell a product yourself, then you can just lead them to other sites, and simply make money by producing those leads.
But, again, be aware of how this will impact your reputation. Always be sure that you’re leading your readers to a reliable site.


Seeing as how affiliate marketing comes with so many tasks, it follows that you have to learn how to recover from and done with the worst jobs first thing before progressing to easier tasks as the hours of each day pass by.  When you understand the fine art of balancing your priorities within what you are promoting, you can apply these principles to the rest of your life and end up being much more productive.

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

3. Tell Your Audience What To Do Next:

Remember that your readers are on your site because of your site, not because of the other sites that you are linking to.
Sometimes, even if you post a link here and there, you’ll gain nothing out of them. Your readers will leave and you won’t make money.
To effectively increase affiliate sales, you have to tell your audience what to do next. A good way to attract your readers to an affiliate’s site is by slipping in the words “free” and “freebie” into your links.

Everyone (you and me both) loves freebies, and when your readers click on these intriguing links, your affiliate commissions will go through the roof.


There are such a lot of affiliate marketing programs on the market that you’ll end up having to discover ways to say no to some of them.  It is not a wise move to market everything you can get your hands on just because it somehow pertains to your niche.  Visitors will sense that you’re not willing to commit to anyone set of products and it will consequently adversely affect your results.

Fortuitously, you may learn from learning to say “no” within your affiliate marketing business and apply this to the rest of your life.  If someone wants you to go fishing with them during the time that you are imagined to be working you have options.  You can reschedule your workload or perhaps more successfully, simply say no.

5. Drive Targeted Traffic Using SEO & PPC:

More traffic on your site will mean a better chance of selling more products with your affiliates.
It’s an accepted rule that if you want to make money online, you’ll have to target people. You have to build your site around the idea of attracting your target audience.

This is done by using keywords, creating quality content, and doing the right kind of marketing. This will result in having your site visible in search engines for important keywords.
Even if you’re inexperienced with marketing affiliates, you’ll soon find out that more traffic will make it easier for you to make more money with your links.
I suggest you use WordPress for creating your next affiliate site. When you do, (*13*)you can refer to this course that will work you through. the journey that would have to take a year before success will eventually solve in 30 minutes.


Whereas advertising affiliate products, it can be easy to be distracted by brainwaves when you are smack in the middle of a task. Following it up means that you will end up spending hours away from what you ought to be done in order to build the success of what you are promoting.  

I know this first hand and have experienced the empty gut that it leaves me with at the end of the day.  I’m supposed to be working at home for a living and nothing got done.  Sure, maybe I could be a support or whatever the case but as it relates to business success this day my business failed. 

It’s not an excellent feeling.

Due to this fact, busy individuals, like Affiliate Marketers, often should keep idea notebooks by them so that they can stay on track both as it relates to business and for times of pleasure too.  When you get started on this smart habit, you will become more productive in everything that you are accomplishing.

7. Base Your Actions Around Conversion Rates:

When marketing affiliates, you will always have to upgrade consistently every week and, if possible, every day. You will need to base these actions around conversion rates.
For example, you have 300 visitors a day and only 3 of them click on your link or product. That means you’ll have to change the way you market. Think from the customer’s point of view.
Ask these questions to yourself:
◉ Does anything on my site make people want to click on a link or product? Branch off ideas from that.
◉ Does anything on my site make people not want to buy the linked product? Remove and avoid these things.
These are some of the basic steps that you can follow, but I would suggest you do proper research about the product(s) that you are promoting. Promoting a product in a hot, trending, and popular topic that people are buying instantly is usually a “go” for viral promotion.
Marketing affiliates is all about business strategy and engaging with your audience. If you want to increase affiliate sales, you need to lead your audience into something that they will appreciate.

Read the Pro and CON of Affiliates Marketing Here

◉ Merchants: Merchants are business owners who set up an affiliate program so that affiliates can join & drive more sales to their business in return for a fixed commission.
◉ Affiliate Marketers: Users like me & you who join an affiliate program & promote it via a blog, PPC, or other methods.
◉ Affiliate Software: This could be self-hosted or a service like ShareASale, ClickBank, or CJ where an affiliate program is hosted. In this case, ShareASale is the affiliate software.
◉ Affiliate Marketplace: A marketplace where an affiliate can discover new opportunities & join an affiliate program. Similarly, a business gets to expose its affiliate program to affiliate marketers.
Now that you have a clear understanding of the basic terminology, let’s learn how to use ShareASale’s affiliate marketplace.


In case you are affiliate marketing at dwelling, you will need to set up your home office both in the physical realm as well as in the virtual and digital realms.   Not understanding how to get to those items that you need inside your day-to-day operations is going to cause you to be far less productive. 

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

Do you want a dictionary to search for a term?  Have one ready and available that you can reach out and grab.

Do you need to keep certain files organized on your pc?  Create folders from which they can be easily referenced.

Making every little thing tidy will lead to a tidier mind and more organized success in the long run.

The benefit of treating your affiliate marketing business in this way is that you will be far less tempted to become distracted by items that are not worth your time and attention while focusing on those that matter most. 

On this approach, should you treat your affiliate marketing business professionally it could possibly help you turn out to be more productive by decluttering your life. 

9. THE 80-20 RATIO

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

There isn’t a way you’ll be a successful affiliate marketer if you don’t understand the 80:20 ratio. This ratio rule stipulates that 80% of your time will be spent doing and 20 percent will be spent studying.  If you are always doing within your affiliate marketing business and never learning, then you are going to fall behind in your ability to be at the cutting edge with your affiliate marketing business. 80% of Your Time will be Spent DOING and 20 % will be Spent LEARNINGCLICK TO Learn New Skills here

This lesson is important for affiliates, and once you internalize and actualize it, you will automatically cause you to be more productive both as a professional and within your free time if you allow it to take its rightful course.


13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

Whenever you get started with affiliate marketing, your schedule will become busy.  I know, when I start a new blog I can easily spend over 10 hours daily because I know that the momentum that results will be invaluable for the success of the entire operation of my venture. 

Earlier than you know it, your Dentist is contacting you questioning why you didn’t keep your appointment.  Or worse yet, you forgot to pick the kids up from school or the date you were taking your lady friend out on.

All of this may be avoided by using a personal organizer or calendar both within your affiliate marketing business and as part of your own personal day to day life.  Not only will your productivity increase within your business thus, but your friends and family will know that you care since you’re no longer forgetting about them within your daily occasions.


Affiliate entrepreneurs usually work in groups or in tandem with different professionals.  For instance, I have a developer that I off-load redesign type issues too.  Many of the tasks that I give him I can do on my own.  Nevertheless, cutting that piece of the equation out of my necessities gives me time to do other things that are required parts of my affiliate marketing business which no one else can do.

A type of different thing is content creation.  I do know the voice that I wish to provide for my audience and I alone can speak from that voice.  Therefore, it is up to me to create the content that I want to share.

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

Studying how to delegate those tasks you aren’t good at, or which don’t encourage your creative juices as well as which ones are best suited to you will invariably lead to your work productivity.  Doing the same within your family will generate similar results.

Considered one of your youngsters fix things like a genius.  Sure, you can fix the toaster but why not assign that to them instead thereby clearing your schedule to be able to accomplish other issues of import?


13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

As soon as your affiliate marketing business begins thriving, your work can turn out to be a bit overwhelming. As such, you won’t be able to do everything on your own like you did at the beginning. At this juncture, you will need to get contributors. They will bring in new ideas and provide new avenues for your business to grow into. 

After all, you should get people that you can easily relate with. They need to understand exactly what you are looking for from them in order to grow your enterprise faster and better. 

Working with contributors will improve your productiveness. This is mostly because you will no longer have to worry about coming up with new, fresh content to spur your affiliate marketing efforts onward and upward. That job will be taken up by your contributors, at least in part.

13. CREDIBILITY ON Review writing:

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

Review writing is a social proof for a product; it is a testimony of someone about the product after the application of product.

As a consumer or customer, we usually do some comparisons between products and considerations before we buy something.

Pertinent information can be found in reviews. By doing research on the review articles online, customers will be more convinced to buy something. So, great review writing can boost the sales.

First thing’s first, you need to get the review access from the product vendor.

There are two ways to get the review access:

1. Purchase the product used for testing, and

2. Ask permission for the review copy

First method is the simplest way – purchase the product and study the product.

After you’ve finished evaluating the product, write an article about the pros and cons of the product.

Tip: You can make the purchase through your own affiliate link, so you can get the commission too. With 100% commission rate for the product, you use almost nothing to purchase the product.

However, you must purchase only for the review writing purpose, do not try to cheat the system on the sales you’ve made.

The secondmethod requires you to contact the product vendor to ask for a ‘review copy’ or ‘full access to the product. You can find the ways to contact the product vendor when you join his affiliate program. It can be an email address, a Skype ID or a Forum PM.

In the case where you need to contact the product vendor, it is better if you can prove yourself as an affiliate that is capable of generating sales, so the product vendor will provide the ‘review copy’ for free to you.

There are three ways to prove your credibility; all you need to do is to show the product vendor:

1. Your past sales record,

2. Your own site, or

3. Your email list or the traffic to your site.

The fastest way to prove your credibility is to let the numbers talk the deal for you, show them what you are capable of doing. You may attach a file or the screenshot of your past sales record together in the email. This is without doubt the most convincing proof you can provide.

Send a link that directs the product vendor to your own affiliate site to show the sales page you’ve prepared. This is for him to know how you are going to generate traffic to his site. Keep in mind, to make sure you have the best sales letter put on and ready to be shown.

Last but not least, reveal the size of your mailing list or the traffic to your site. The number of mailing lists shows the maximum traffic that you can send to his site, longer list would be an advantage.

Here is an example of the email; you can take a look at how it should be done:

Hi [vendor],

My name is [JEROME] and I have just requested for approval to

Promote your latest product SMART CAMERA.

I was wondering if I can get access to your latest offer? I don’t require a full product access; a review copy will be enough. This is so I can write an honest review on your newest product.

Currently I have over 75,000 email subscribers that I will mail out your offer to. I will also be dispensing my own Bonus offers for anyone who buys through my link.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

[Your name]

13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity



So, there are the 13 ways through which affiliate marketing will help you increase your productivity.  Each starts within the confines of affiliate marketing itself and grows into the life you live and lead. 

The lessons that affiliate marketing can cause you to learn can go a long way in improving your overall life and turning you into a more productivity human being in all other facets of your life.  All that is required is the implementation of what you have learned in the process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

However, there is one ingredient that I would absolutely be in error if I did not bring it up.  It is the ingredient of patience and perseverance.  Building a new business isn’t easy and it does take time.  You will have moments where you think it might not be possible for you.  Just keep pushing ahead and you will succeed. 

Make the right choice. No matter which one of the best affiliate programs you want to join, there are a ton of different high ticket categories to match your unique interests.

First, when choosing a program, remember to check the commission rates, average order values (AOV), average earnings per click (EPC), and cookie durations.

Second, look into if the program is a recurring affiliate program, or provides one-time payments.

Finally, choose a niche that matches your interests, and you can passionately promote.

The affiliate market is growing as fast as ever, and the opportunities are wide open. Remember, the first step is to build your affiliate website on WordPress. I recommend you get started with Bluehost and get 30% off your hosting plan– that’s one year of hosting for just $38.40.

Let me know what affiliate programs you would like to see on this list.


13 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

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