A MUST READ GUIDE ON SECURITY, Looking at the current situation of security in our country today, Is it really necessary to put a password on your phone? Five reasons your device should have a password.

It is not necessary. Nobody will force you to set a password on your phone. However, if you are using the phone, without a password anybody could access all the files and accounts you have connected on your phone.

For example, most mobile apps require account login when you first connect to these apps. And once connected, you will stay connected until you decide to log off.

If in the meantime, you lose your phone, anybody who finds your phone will have access to all the accounts connected on your phone.

To answer your question… again… It’s not necessary but it is recommended, especially if you store personal data on your phone.

Your data is worth a lot to thieves and fraudsters; therefore, you should be careful with the sources these thieves and fraudsters can use to access these data. It is time to get rid of the notion that using a password for your devices means you have something to hide. This will help prevent sensitive data like banking and account details, social security details, corporate email information, etc. from being unnecessarily compromised.

So to understand the reason why you should protects your phone in five ways you can go here.

Here is also where you can start setting up your security with your Apple phone

Let dive into the a must read guide on security you should know today on your mobile phone.

Many of us today are fond of putting password/patterns on our phone which makes it difficult for someone to access it in the case of unfortunate situations like phone loss, sickness, accident or even death. But with this little knowledge I am going to share, perhaps we can save ourselves and the lives of others also.

Public Announcement Try and Keep to These Guide

a must read guide on security

STEP 1 When your phone is locked, it normally shows enter password. Under it, you will see emergency. Click on the emergency, then you will see emergency information. Click on the emergency information (2 times) You will see a pencil icon on your extreme right, click on it to edit.

STEP 2 Then enter the contacts you want to save as emergency. You can put as many contacts as possible but I advise you to save numbers of active people who know you very well (Family/friend).

Now these contacts you have saved can be called even when your phone is locked without entering your password

NOTE: To call a number under emergency, click on ‘Emergency Call’ and the numbers saved there will come up. You can call these numbers without unlocking the phone.

A soul can be saved through this feel free to share this, You never know, your single share can save somebody’s life…

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