About Jubass C.E.O

Jerome Udoh is an international motivational speaker, an Evangelist, an Entrepreneur, a computer scientist, a programmer, a marriage counselor, an award-winning blogger of many niche, an author of many books. Social media influencer and a media presenter.

He studies his theology programmed at Mission Training Institutes Awi in Akamkpa L.G.A, C.R.S.
He studied Computer science at Cross River State College of Health and Technology.

He further his carrier as a computer scientist through online courses with EDX affiliated with Harvard University in U.S.A in a course title “Cs50 Web Programming with Python and Java Script”.

JEROME UDOH is an award-winning information entrepreneur with strong 7-figure online businesses. He has a passion for helping people who are searching for relevant information from the web to solve their day to day problems. Remember; knowledge is power. He also likes to write about things in general in his country and all over the world. From money making ideas, business, Latest news, technology, Relationship and Self improvement. His passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things that he loves to talk about.

He also holds several certification in other relevant fields.
He is the CEO of www.jubass.com, a multipurpose company which has given birth to Jubass Foundation (business/wealth Creation Company that will hold your hands and show you how to build your own company from scratch). Jubass shop is also from there which will soon become one of the best ecommerce shop in Nigeria.

A registered company with small and medium enterprises development, with registration number SUIN56262358

My aim is “to create platforms that allow people to activate their purpose and empower their dreams.”

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