About us

Our website is dealing with blog, e-learning platform and e-commerce.

Mission: To provide quality, relevant and meaningful online business opportunities and training by applying modern and cutting edge technologies, professional and qualified personnel in a conducive and serene environment necessary to develop students and entrepreneurs.
Jubass is coming to help the young people who wishes to become an entrepreneur.
Our mission is to help both young and old people to make good used of the internet space to make legitimate income for themselves. To
Stop searching for a job that is no way to be found but rather think of how to create a company. It doesn’t matter if you are educated.
I need you to think about this; did Dangote become the richest African because he is a professor? No. He wasn’t a great student.


Visions Our vision is to trained all African youths to become create entrepreneur of the 21st century.
To be one of the best online training institutions and shopping website in Nigeria for business and academic learning. Creating more companies for others who doesn’t have the ability and employ them while making money from their Brain, Time and Energy.
We will train you on information marketing, video editing, graphics design, blogging for cash, media contents creator, Dropshiping business and 500+ business opportunities to benefit from.

Problem is that our economy is bad, no good job out there again, people are looking for a skill that will make them to be independent of themselves and total freedom.
Solution. I am aiming at providing adequate skills of the 21century to everyone no matter where you are and what you do, you can get this skill and update yourself with the current trend. Work on your own time and make good money.

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