Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA). As long as affiliate marketing is involved, Turning into a Twitch Affiliate is an opportunity to monetize Twitch while streaming games; it’s step one in the direction of fulfilling your childhood dream of creating living playing video games!

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Becoming a Twitch Affiliate enables streamers to earn as long as they stream on a frequent basis, with the option to accumulate revenue from the sale of games and their in-game items. They may also earn via ‘Bits’: virtual goods that viewers can offer, resulting in a share of the revenue for the streamer.


Twitch Affiliate is a programme that supports streamers in making a living from doing what they love to do; streaming. Available globally, the affiliate programme allows streamers to:

  • Earn on Twitch with Subscriptions
  • Start Earning on Twitch with Bits
  • Earn revenue from the sale of games or in-game items on Twitch

“The Twitch Affiliate Program puts qualified streamers one step closer toward the dream of making a living from their passions. Twitch Affiliates can start earning income on Twitch while they build their audience and work toward the coveted status of Twitch Partner.” Twitch

Before we start let us see the definition of affiliate marketing first before talking about Twitch Affiliates program.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

An affiliate is quite similar to an online sales agent. The duty of an affiliate is to promote and sell products from vendors. Affiliates get paid in commissions from each of the sale made. It’s a low-cost business that could bring big profit when done the right way.

One of the many wonders of the Internet business is that it allows everyone to have the same opportunity to succeed. Affiliate marketing is one of those businesses. What sets a successful online entrepreneur apart from the rest is creativity and skills. For a better understanding of this business read this article, This article will teach you how to achieve success. The diagram below explains in detail how it works.

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

In General What are the requirements in Joining Affiliate Programs?

To join affiliate programs, you need a website and a way to receive money – either a PayPal or a bank account. Though many of the affiliate’s programs do not require a website. Although you can participate without a website by adding links on social media, this works best for high-end social media influencers, and I always recommend having a website.

I recommend you have a well-designed website with an SSL certificate installed for HTTPS. You should own a business email address connected to your domain, and have a PayPal account set up. Click here to get started

This is what you can do on your own if you watch this video series

What are the requirements to Join Twitch Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

The criteria for Affiliates are likely to change as they develop the program. For now, they invited non partnered broadcasters who have:

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 Followers

Within a few weeks after your channel becomes eligible, they will be invited via email and in the Notification Area in the upper right corner of


Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

Steps towards becoming a Twitch affiliate

Once your account reaches the minimum Twitch affiliate requirements, you will be invited to become a Twitch affiliate. Final approval for Becoming an Affiliate has to come from Twitch. To set up your account, follow these steps.

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)
  • Select the Preferences tab in your Creator Dashboard.
  • Provide your general information necessary for registration.
  • Agree to the terms and services laid out in the Twitch Affiliate Agreement.
  • Provide tax information.
  • Fill in the information for your Twitch affiliate payout, which allows Twitch to pay you via Paypal, Direct Deposit, wire, check, or hold payments.

Once the information is filled out and approved, you’re a Twitch Affiliate.

Who qualifies?

They’re looking for streamers who aren’t yet Partners, but who have at least 50 followers and over the last 30 days have at least 500 total minutes broadcast, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. This criteria may change as the program develops.

Important terms and conditions

While the comprehensive list of the Terms and Services for Twitch Affiliates is available here, there are a few things to be aware of.

  1. You can lose your affiliate status if your account is inactive. While there are different ways for Twitch to determine inactivity, the simplest explanation is that if you’re not uploading any content for a lengthy period of time, you will lose your affiliate status.
  2. There is an exclusive period on your streams during which you cannot stream or upload your content to any other site. It must stay on Twitch for a set amount of time before you can share it elsewhere.
  3. If your affiliate account is closed, you owe Twitch up to $25 of whatever remains in your account as a “Maintenance Fee”.

How to make your Twitch account profitable

How to become a Twitch affiliate fast – that’s what most people want to know, Twitch is like most other social media platforms in terms of growth. By posting consistently and sharing good content, viewers will be attracted to your channel.

  • Play the games you enjoy. Viewers want to see you having fun, so play what you enjoy.
  • Put your schedule on a stream. Some people recommend streaming 500 hours in 30 days; a Twitch requirement for the affiliate.
  • Interact with your followers and ban trolls.
  • Create a consistent brand name across social media platforms and invite people to see you play. Have the same name on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, and spread the word about your Twitch channel.

You’re an affiliate. What now?

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate should make you stop trying to grow your base. The Twitch Partner program offers enhanced support, reduced payment fees, and an element of exclusivity: there are around 12,000 Partners out of over 2 million streamers on Twitch.

Becoming a Twitch Partner is a definite step up in the program, but for many streamers, it can require months or even years’ worth of growth to make it.

It’s great for anyone who is willing to put in the time, create good content, form a consistent brand, be consistent in the time you play, the games you play, and the way you play.

Your Twitch Achievements tab (within your dashboard) will show your ‘Path to Affiliate’ tab which enables you to see how close you are to be invited.

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

TAKE NOTE: You can lose your affiliate status if you are an “inactive streamer”, this is on an individual basis but mostly involves inactivity over the course of 12 months.

How to Make Money on Twitch

Let look at affiliate marketing and How to be a Twitch Affiliate and make money from it. Build an audience, design your own merchandise and become a Twitch Affiliate.

Twitch is the go-to platform for gamers, with more than 4 million broadcasters each month and 17.5 million average daily users, all playing or watching other people play video games. It’s also the go-to platform for gamers hoping to turn their hobby into a little extra cash.

Some broadcasters earn seven figures per year, thanks to subscriptions, sponsorships, and a share of ad revenue, among other things. Granted, they typically have tens of thousands of followers and spend hours each day broadcasting, gaming, and hosting other games on their channel.

Building a Twitch audience

You can’t attract an audience on any online platform overnight. It’s the same with Twitch.

“Successful channels — like companies — are built up over years, not over days or weeks,” says Jordan Slavik, an avid gamer who has advised Twitch broadcasters on building a following. “The most important thing is to keep producing materials.”

You might make a little money here and there at first, but don’t expect a steady income until you’ve put in a lot of work. Find your niche, whether it’s a game, genre, or shtick — if you’re not the most skilled player, for example, be the funniest. Set a regular streaming schedule so fans know when to tune in. Use your existing social media accounts — Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — to promote your Twitch broadcasts. And support other Twitch users by watching and engaging with their streams.

Your marketing and networking skills are almost as important as your gaming skills, Slavik says.

Once you attract viewers, interact with them. Ask questions. Crack jokes. Respond to chats. An entertaining broadcaster gets fans to tune in stream after stream.

How to make money as a beginners

When your audience grows, so does your potential to earn money. But there are a few ways you can cash in as you’re still growing your following:


Twitch users like to support their own. One of the main ways they do this is by donating money to their favorite streamers. Add a “donate” button to your channel — via PayPal or a third-party app, such as Streamlabs — and let viewers show you the money.

Brand partnerships

Companies use Twitch streamers to get their products in front of people, and the streamers get a kickback in return. This is typically referred to as a partner or affiliate relationship (not to be confused with Twitch’s partner and affiliate programs, more on that later).

Affiliate opportunities for Twitch streamers can come from companies that sell hardware and software, energy drinks and accessories, such as headsets and chairs. Commissions vary, but for example, Razer — the hardware and software company — offers affiliates up to 20% commission on the sale of its products.

Brands don’t typically come to you unless you’re a big-time gamer. Talk with other streamers to suss out affiliate opportunities.


If you have a dedicated audience, consider selling your own merchandise — think t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs and laptop cases — via a third-party site such as TeePublic or Spreadshop. Just create a storefront, stock it with items — bearing your own design or curated from other sources — and promote it on your Twitch channel.

How to make money as a Twitch Affiliate

As long as affiliate marketing is involved How to be a Twitch Affiliate and make money from it will be explained here in detail. Streamers who meet a specific set of criteria can become Twitch Affiliates. The program is invitation-only, and you must have met the following milestones within the past 30 days to be eligible, according to Twitch:

  • A minimum of 500 total minutes broadcasted.
  • A minimum of seven different broadcast days.
  • An average of three concurrent viewers or more.
  • At least 50 followers.

Joining the program comes with additional ways to earn money on Twitch:


Viewers can subscribe to your channel to unlock perks, such as exclusive chat rooms, emoticons and merchandise discounts. Monthly subscriptions start at $4.99, with $9.99 and $24.99 options available. Affiliates receive a cut of each subscription.

Virtual cheers

Another way viewers lend monetary support is via virtual cheers, called “bits.” Viewers buy bits — which come in different colors and sizes — from the chat window, according to Chase, Twitch’s former director of public relations, who goes by only his first name. The price starts at $1.40 for 100 bits. Viewers then dole them out to their favorite broadcasters, who receive a cut — 1 cent for every bit used in their chat.

Game sales

Say you’re streaming yourself playing Warframe. Viewers can purchase the game and in-game add-ons directly from your channel using a “buy now” button. This button automatically appears whenever you play games sold in the Twitch store. Affiliates receive a 5% share of purchases that originate from their channel.

How to make money as a Twitch Partner

Partner status is the top tier for Twitch earners. Unlike Twitch Affiliates, who are automatically invited to join the program, users must apply to become partners.

Twitch Partners earn money the same way as affiliates and general users, but they also receive a share of ad revenue generated from their page. Partners are also likely to get endorsement deals and brand sponsorships.

Twitch Affiliate FAQ

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

Frequently asked questions about the Twitch affiliate program have been answered below. Note that this will be updated when appropriate.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers/Partners Make Per Sub?

Twitch Partners and their subscription payments normally result in streamers taking home a generous 50% of the $4.99 per month cost. The other 50% is collected by Twitch itself.

There are also monthly contributions of $9.99 and $24.99 per month. For example, 1000 monthly subs roughly equate to $2.5k per month or $30k per year.

How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?

That depends on the streamer. On average, expert streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 each month playing around 40 hours a week. That specific number doesn’t include ad revenue, which averages about $250 for every 100 subscribers.

If you put in the time and grow a respectable audience, Twitch can certainly be lucrative.

How Do I Apply For The Twitch Affiliate Program?

You can apply to the program here. Twitch, in particular, is looking for streamers who aren’t already Twitch Partners. You need to have the following to be considered for the program:

  • At least 50 followers, over the last 30 days
  • Your broadcast minutes need to be 500 minutes or more
  • You need 7 unique broadcast days
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

How Quick Is My Invite To The Program?

Once Twitch has checked that you meet the above requirements, they’ll email you an invite within two weeks. During that time you should ensure you keep on creating broadcasts and provide your channel with content.

How Many Partners Does Twitch Have?

There are around 27,000 Partners on Twitch – out of a total of 2.2 million unique monthly broadcasters. Twitch is currently still accepting the program.

Twitch Partner Vs Twitch Affiliate Key Differences Table

There are loads of things that are different between a streamer, a Twitch Affiliate, and a Twitch Partner. The below chart provided by Twitch shows all the differences.

Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

Twitch Affiliate Payout

There is a 45 day waiting period after the end of the month where you make $100 or more before you will receive the money you have earned. The payout is $100.

It’s worth noting that if there is no ‘substantial activity on your Twitch account for at least 12 months, and you have not earned at least $100 during those 12 months, Twitch retains the right to close your affiliate status.

What Are Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits are the smallest form of payments that streamers can receive. When a viewer purchases a Bit, they’re purchasing an animated GIF to use in chat rooms.

Twitch pays the streamer one cent for each bit that is used in their chatroom. Fans spent close to $2 million on Bits within the first three months of the program.

The Top 20 Twitch Influencers

The current top 20 Twitch streamers by followers and reach are:

  • summit1g (3,320,489 followers)
  • Riot Games (3,230,003 followers)
  • Syndicate (2,637,919 followers)
  • Shroud (4,679,989 followers)
  • ESL_CSGO (2,479,680 followers)
  • Imaqtpie (2,433,807 followers)
  • Nightblue3 (2,307,299 followers)
  • LIRIK (2,267,216 followers)
  • Ninja (11,940,891 followers)
  • DrDisRespectLIVE (2,862,256 followers)
  • Sodapoppin (2,178,693 followers)
  • ELEAGUE TV (1,461,008 followers)
  • TimTheTatman (2,938,942 followers)
  • loltyler1 (1,911,747 followers)
  • Dyrus (1,462,960 followers)
  • TSM_Bjergsen (1,448,984 followers)
  • JoshOG (1,497,520 followers)
  • PhantomL0rd (1.4m followers – Banned)
  • Gosu (1,448,233 followers)
  • Castro_1021 (1,512,373 followers)

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Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)


Recent Posts

Twitch Affiliate Partner Program Info

Types: Affiliate Programs
Offer Types: Games
Commission Types: CPM


The lessons that affiliate marketing can cause you to learn can go a long way in improving your overall life and turning you into a more productive human being in all other facets of your life. All that is required is the implementation of what you have learned in the process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. AS long as Affiliate marketing is involved, How to be a Twitch Affiliate can not be overemphasized
  • Plan your streams and be consistent.
  • Interact with your viewers — make them feel like part of your family, ask them how they are, discuss funny things that are happening
  • Network with other streamers in the games/genres you play — host them, play games with them, become friends with them (but don’t spam them)
  • Build a community off-stream — think Discord, Twitter, or Facebook Groups
  • Looking for more ways to become successful on Twitch? Let hear your view.


Affiliate Marketing (How to be a Twitch Affiliate in NEVADA)

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