Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Best Affiliate Program for Beginners.

Many people love to wake up one day and receive alerts like this

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?
What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Note: I have shared tricks to find more of these affiliate programs HERE. Keep reading!

 If you’re like me, when you join affiliate programs, your primary goal is to make commissions by recommending products so that you wake up in the morning and you see an alert.

The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying, then thanks to your marketing.

Before we dive deep let’s see some of the questions people likely asked when it comes to affiliate marketing and am sure that must have been one of the questions you asked in google to get to this website.

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  • Konga Affiliate marketing
  • Audible Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • Meaning of Affiliate program
  • Jumia Affiliate program
  • Affiliate marketing in Nigeria


What IS Affiliate Programs?

At the beginner’s level of understanding, Simply put, an affiliate program is an agreement in which a merchant or a business owner, pays another business dealer or influencer otherwise known as (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their products and services. Read the glossary of affiliate marketing here.

Affiliate Marketing for Nigerian

This can be achieved through web content, social media, or product integration. The affiliate gets a unique link (an “affiliate link”) from which clicks can be tracked — typically using cookies.

So, you will often come across the terms “cookie length” or “cookie life”, which simply define how long the cookie will be tracking the user’s online activity.

For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs to make a purchase within 30-days of clicking your affiliate link in order for you to get paid — otherwise, the lead will no longer be trackable.

Affiliate Marketing for Nigerian

Get a copy of this book to get started

Really, I’m just an ordinary guy who lives life to the fullest, loves writing, and has a “happy-go-lucky” kind of lifestyle. I like to talk about things related to marketing, money-making ventures“Solopreneurship”, and the art of living.
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In “The Affiliate Marketing Guru’s course”, I have shared & compiled everything I have learned about affiliate marketing thus far. This book is often updated with new information & you are entitled to get free updates for all upcoming versions for the next year.

How to Use ‘Affiliate Marketing Guru’s course

This eBook has been written for anyone who is just starting out or has an intermediate level of experience with affiliate marketing
If you have never tasted the sweetness of affiliate marketing, you will be learning everything you need to help you to get started. If you have made a few affiliate sales in the past, you should be able to increase your sales substantially if you pay close attention to all of the hidden nuggets I will share with you.
I will be helping you to understand everything there is to know about affiliate marketing along with important tips, tricks, and trade secrets.
You can read about these techniques, but the most important thing is:

You need to start practicing these techniques every day.
First tip:
If you learn how to get more sales, you can copy the same formula for any product in any niche.
Cool, right?
If you said, “Yes, Harsh, that’s pretty cool,” then you’re ready to get started & dive into the vast, deep sea of affiliate marketing.
So let’s do it!
Here’s the Big Question:
Will this book help me make money?
Yes, it can!
But only if you are willing to dedicate the next several days to fully testing it out. All I ask from you is to have determination & patience when implementing the strategies listed in this eBook.

Instead of comparing your work with others, you need to focus on comparing yourself to yourself! You will also be honing many of your skills in the coming days that will help you to enjoy everything that this eBook has to offer.
I have gotten a lot of feedback from this eBook & many readers have confirmed that, yes, “this eBook helped them make money”.
However, one thing that is also true, some readers failed to make money. The percentage of such users is much lower, but these people do exist.

The reason for their failure is because they’re thinking of affiliate marketing as a ‘get rich quick scheme.
I’m sorry to say, it’s not one of those.
Affiliate marketing is certainly the right way to earn passive income online, but it takes time, along with dedication, along with consistency, along with your full and undivided attention.
But in the beginning, even an hour a day is good enough to help you get started. As long as that hour is spent productively, you will be learning more and more as time progresses.

The more time you spend learning about affiliate marketing and its complementary skills (like managing a virtual team), the more it is guaranteed to be fruitful for you in the coming days.

But you will find that learning all of this is fun!
There’s no need for head-scratching because I will be helping you out with detailed tutorials & guides for complementing your learning. I will also be sending you out emails for further understanding in the coming days.


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