Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021

Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021

A Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021 can be seen here in this article as every profession of life has its own languages.

A doctor have their own terms, Lawyer have theirs, Engineer same. so let dive into the Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms.

Now, let’s understand some of the common terminologies in the affiliate marketing industry. You will be reading & hearing these words every time you learn anything about “Affiliate Marketing” or “Digital Marketing”.

Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021
◉ Affiliates: Publishers (like you and me) who join an affiliate program.
◉ Affiliate Marketplace: This is a marketplace where you can find numerous companies offering affiliate programs for their product(s). There are many marketplaces (like ShareASale, Commission Junction, JvZoo, ClickBank, etc.), which work as a central database for affiliate programs in different niches. This one is important, as using the above sites will help you find affiliate programs for your niche. I have detailed more about the above-mentioned marketplaces in a further section of this “World Affiliate Marketing”.

◉ Affiliate Software: Software used by companies to create an in-house affiliate program for their product. This is not so important at this stage, but it’s good to know about. Ex: Jubass Affiliate program.
◉ Affiliate Link: Unique tracking link offered by your affiliate program to track the progress of your affiliate promotion. (We have already discussed this term earlier.)
◉ Affiliate ID: This is similar to an affiliate link, but a little different. In some cases, many affiliate programs offer a “unique ID” which you can then add to any page of the product site (example:
◉ Payment Mode/Method: Different affiliate programs offer different methods of payment. Common payment modes include Check, Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and many others.
◉ PayPal: This is the most common payment method for receiving affiliate earnings. You need to create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. Companies will send you payment to PayPal & from PayPal, it will be transferred to your bank account.
◉ Payoneer: This is another payment program that you will be using to receive affiliate commissions. Payoneer offers a Master Card and you can use it as a debit card. You can also transfer money from Payoneer to your bank account. You can join Payoneer here.

◉ Wire transfer: Many companies offer direct deposit & whenever possible, you should prefer this method as this will save you a lot of money. When you use PayPal or Payoneer, you will be paying a small amount as a service charge. With a wire transfer (ACH), you will not be paying any service fees.
◉ Check: I know it’s funny to hear that some companies do not offer digital payment. One of these companies, Aweber (a popular email-marketing system), offers affiliate payment via paper check only. I personally find this stupid, but at times, we can’t do much but follow the company’s guidelines to get paid.
◉ Affiliate Manager: When you join an affiliate program (directly or using a marketplace), there is always an affiliate manager associated with it. Affiliate managers are central to many things. You should always build a good relationship with your affiliate managers. They will help you to get increased commissions and give you a heads-up about new offers.
Commission Percentage/Amount: The amount or percentage of commission you will be getting for every sale via your affiliate link. Many companies offer fixed percentages of the sale amount (Ex: 30%) & many others offer fixed rates per sale (Ex: $25). Read here for the best option for the commission rate you should go for.
Two Tier Affiliate Marketing: This is a great way of making money from an affiliate program. In this, you recommend others to join a particular affiliate program, and you will get a commission when your sub-affiliates make sales. This is like MLM (multi-level marketing), but in a totally legit way. This is also popularly known as Sub-Affiliate Commissions.
Landing Page: A unique product sales or demo page which is used to increase sales. The purpose of the landing page is to direct traffic to take the desired action. It could be as simple as subscribing to your email newsletter or buying a product. You can learn more when I finish my next eBook on email marketing, but for now, you need to know that landing pages are very useful. You can use software like LeadPages to create a professional landing page.

◉ Custom/Special Affiliate Offer: Many companies usually have special offers for their affiliate partners who are giving them a good amount of sales. These affiliates are called “Super Affiliates”. You should focus on being one of them.
◉ Link Cloaking: Most affiliate tracking links are ugly. Link cloaking allows you to turn ugly-looking links into easily readable and attractive links. I have shared the complete tutorial on link cloaking in a later part of this article.
◉ Custom Coupons: Many programs let affiliates create custom coupons, which are also used to track sales. Also, custom discount coupons help you increase affiliate sales. If you are giving a good number of sales to any particular merchant, you can always ask affiliate managers to give you an exclusive coupon code. This also helps in the branding of your service/blog/website.

Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021

In the below section you will learn some more terms which are related to advertising within the affiliate industry.
Understanding these terms will help you to pick the right affiliate offers from various networks.
 EPC (earning per click): This is calculated by taking the number of clicks divided by the commission earned.
 CPC (cost per click): The actual price you pay per click. This is a common term when running PPC campaigns using AdWords or Facebook advertising.
 CR (conversion rate): Conversions divided by clicks. This gives you an idea of how your ad campaigns are performing. Note: An online company gets benefits from an affiliate program, as this is one of the best ways to get free promotion and save on advertising.
It also benefits the affiliate.
Whenever you see coupons or discounted products offered via links, most of the time, these links are affiliate links. When you make a purchase, webmasters make money.
It’s a win-win-win scenario!
Don’t be shy to use other’s affiliate links, as they have worked hard to educate you on something. By using their affiliate link, you are rewarding them. You will understand this better once you start working on content generation & educating your audience.

What You Need to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021

I will now share with you all the important topics to become a master of affiliate marketing. But first, let’s take some baby steps which will help you to get the basics down right from start.
One can begin affiliate marketing using any form of digital marketing.

Examples of affiliate websites:
 A blog that educates readers
 Coupon based site
 Product comparison site
 Niche Amazon site (designed specifically for Amazon affiliate earnings)

Other techniques:
 PPC marketing (via Facebook ads or Google AdWords)
 Email marketing
o typically used with blogging or PPC but can be done separately

Note: These are some popular methods used by affiliate marketers. Do remember, it’s not limited to only what’s listed above. Once you master this course, you are free to discover your own mediums for affiliate marketing.


They you have a full list Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms 2021. hope you enjoyed the article, please drop your feedback.


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