Something has being bothering me for some time now that I want to share with you to get advice. I am 32 years old man doing very well in all aspect of life.

When I was 14, my paternal grandmother fell sick that she now urinates and defecates uncontrollably. I was very close to her more than my parents before this sickness. In fact we sleep on the same bed anytime I come to the village for xmas. My cousins never came close to her and always saying that she is dirty and smelling old woman but I always caution them on that. These my cousins are mostly older than me.

When she got sick, she pleaded with her children to send any of my cousins staying close to stay with her but all my cousin’s refused including the girls. Even the ones living in the next village refused to come. I was living in Lagos with my parents at that time. My grandma will urinate and defecate with no one to assist her.

When my parents told me about it, I cried so much because we were so close and I told them that I will go and stay with her. Initially they refused because I am a boy and there are something’s like bathing her that I might not be able to do because she had arthritis that affected her ability to support herself. After I cried for a week, I was allowed to go to the village because school was not in session. I have to start school in a nearby school in the village. I will wake up early in the morning and make her food, clean her up and bath her naked and tuck her in bed before leaving for school. My presence was not enough because she needs things while I am away. After like 5 months her children were able to get someone they paid to assist her but I refused going back to Lagos because I want to make sure the person is not maltreating her. So I lived with her for 2 years.

One night when the helper travelled over the weekend, grandma called me and ask me to bring the pen that I wanted to use to right WAEC which is approaching. I told her that I do not have any pen specially made for WAEC but she insisted that I get any of my pen and that I must use that pen to write my exams. I agreed and gave her a pen. She then asked me to take her outside to the middle of her compound. While outside, she started praying on the pen. She said that I will be the most successful person in my village and that anything I touch will be successful. She said that I will have children and long life and that men will marvel at my success and nobody can harm me in my life. She said that people will tremble at my presence because of my grace.  That I will be head of our family even though I am among the last. That my children will take care of me the way I took care of her and so many other prayers that I cannot remember. After she finished praying, she asked me to start the exam with the pen. She also said that I will make her one promise that I will always give and help others including my cousins which I agreed. Then she said that I should never tell anybody including my parents what happened that night which I agreed and have kept the promise.

After all this she asked me to take her inside which I did but as I went outside to carry the seat that she sat down on while praying, it started raining. She asked me to go outside and stay in the rain till it stops and that my blessings will be as the rain. I obeyed her and stay in the rain till it stopped.

My grandma died the next morning but I taught she was sleeping until the helper came back in the afternoon and alerted the neighbors.

I never took all she said that night serious because some of them did not make sense to me until I entered university.

I made so much money selling computers that I single handedly trained all my siblings in school alongside myself. All my cousins that are older than me, I mean all of them that refused my grandma’s cry for help are poor till today. They all rely on me to Feed and take care of their kids. Nothing has ever worked for them. Everything I touched turns to gold. I have 4 kids at 32 and working in one of the biggest multinationals in the world. Currently I work abroad and white men tremble when I speak in meetings. I have penetrated where no black man has reached in level in the company. Everything my grandma said is happening to me now. Anybody that rivals me ends up in trouble.

The whole thing is making me feel as If there is something following me everywhere I go. My friends are gossiping that I belong to a secret cult but I have never done such.

Why I have decided to write you now is that just last week an Indian met me on the street of London where I went to shop with my family on vacation and asked the name of my paternal grandma and I told him. He said the woman blessed me beyond my capacity and that the pressure of the blessing is too much for my age. But I immediately left him because I do not believe such people.

Please what should I do about this now? Should I call my cousins and tell them this story? Should I just keep quiet? My cousins are suffering because there is no amount of money I gave them that is enough.

Thank you so much for your time.

Dear sender, the Bible says no weapon form against you shall ever succeed. So don’t panic the Lord is your strength. On the angle of your parents and your family, on my own opinion, I would have love you to share the story with them so that it should remain as a flash back memories to other members of the family. The reasons are, if you don’t let them know about that now, they will keep you on suspect at all-times due to the source of your wealth.