I know you are surprised to read this title. I am so sorry if this comes to you by surprised.

I knew the past few weeks I’ve been unveiling the uniqueness of graphic design and how it can make your brand shine brighter. Today I came with a different message. Don’t learn graphic design.

Before you pick the stone, before you crucify me, before you tell me how disappointed you are with me. May I ask? Did you ever consider learning graphics designs after reading all my previous posts? If yes, what did you do to bring that consideration to reality?

If you never thought of giving graphic design a try by signing up for a training. Then you shouldn’t judge my present stance. Then you are not among those I owe an apology.

But wait, do I even owe anyone an apology? I doubt it. I stand on my statement, “DON’T LEARN GRAPHIC DESIGN” I won’t encourage you to learn a skill that might turn out to be a waste of time. I won’t support you to add another skill to your skill set that will be irrelevant.

Does it mean that graphic design is irrelevant? The answer is NO. A skill that got me 6 figures in less than 30 days cannot be irrelevant and if anyone call it irrelevant, then expect the cops soon.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve changed my statement. Before you get totally confused and smash your phone on the floor. DON’T LEARN GRAPHIC DESIGN:


If you learn graphic design with this expectation. I assure you; it will end in premium tears. Graphics is not a skill you can learn in a day; it takes process and practice to improve.


I know you want to make money. You heard 6 figures and your head is standing. You want to rush and sign up for a training so that you will be the next to talk about 6 figures. Sorry in advance, because you will definitely cry. I tell my students to embrace Mastery before they rush to teaching others. Be patient with process. Keep practicing.


You see that Lord you are planning to put in that your name? E go purge you. Who made you Lord? Because you paid 5, 000 to learn graphics, you now crowned yourself Lord. Well-done, lord of the rings. We will soon dethrone you.


Graphic design requires creativity, obedience, practice and consistency. If you are not teachable, save yourself the stress and keep taking pictures at your backyard and posting online. You must be ready to learn and open to corrections if you choose to learn graphic designing.


Yes, the easiest phrase online is, “I’m interested” but 90% turn out never to be interested. I wonder if there is an award given to the person with the highest number of that phrase, “I’m interested”. If you are not ready to pay to learn the skill, then don’t learn the skill.

You might get free classes on the subject, but you might not get the full package. If you really need the skill, then go all out and get it.

Do I need to remind you the importance of graphic design? I guess you already know what this skill can do for you and your brand.

So, if you know that you don’t fall in any of these categories, then go ahead and LEARN GRAPHIC DESIGN.

I hope with this few point of mine, I’ve been able to give you a pass mark to go grab a skill that remains a necessity for every brand.


This is a question I get always. I can confidently predict that you have failed to acquire this skill because you were told how difficult the skill is.

Probably you have refused to cough an amount of money to learn this skill because you feel graphics is easy and can be self-taught.

Whichever side you stand; I respect your thought and opinion. But I will give you a fair and sincere personal view.

In 2018, I had made graphic design skill a priority. I walked around my city of residence looking for a place I could learn this skill. I found none so I had to resort to online training.

I reached out to many graphic designers and the least fee I got was #40, 000. I screamed and ran away. I felt it was too much for an ordinary skill. I felt the young man over charged.

Just like you, I went to play store downloaded some apps and started trying them out on my own. I did this for months and couldn’t create a nice design. I left it and concentrated on writing.

While some persons might succeed in the self-taught style. It is too risky to experiment especially in a digital Era like this where people are investing so much in branding. You don’t want to be taken as a joke, right?

So back to the question. Is graphic design easy?

My answer is YES and No.

Yes, if you learn, practice and keep practicing.

No, if you expect a magic. If you plan to pay, learn and become perfect the next week.

There are no perfect designers. We only have designers who are open to learning and improving consistently.

You might feel it’s easy especially when you see some simple designs. Wait until you are looking face to face at plain and empty design layout. Then you will know that creativity is a necessity.

Appreciate every design you see out there. Pay, no matter the cost to learn. Your brand deserves to be beautiful.

This single skill has earned me 6 figures in less than 30 days. I preach result.

Don’t expect anyone to teach you a skill he paid heavily for, free. If you need the skill, pay and learn it.

The fee will motivate you to keep practicing. This is a high-income skill, get it for your brand.

I hope you got value.

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