How To Access 600 Million Customers On Facebook In 10 Minutes.

Can you paid advertising on Facebook get more money into your pocket? Bring more
customers through your door? Is it worth the time? Should you start today?
This book addresses your bottom line. Facebook changed the rules for selling online. And for some businesses, Facebook is not only a place where you should advertise, it is the place where you should advertise first. A dramatic shift.
For 10 years, whenever people asked me about where to start marketing on the internet, we had a simple proven answer: Google AdWords. Smart businesses learned how to refine marketing funnels, craft calls to action, and set baselines first with Google AdWords.
Google was fast, effective, and reliable, and always the easiest place to start.
But Google grew more competitive. Then Facebook advertising broke the
rules. Facebook provides a different and powerful new channel to reach
customers. Some businesses should start with Facebook. Alternately, Facebook paid advertising may not be a good place for your business at all. This article will help you decide which path to take and show you if paid advertising on Facebook is right for your business.

If you decide Facebook advertising is for you, this book will teach you how to write and bid ads and how to turn your clicks into sales. We will tell you if you are better off starting with Facebook paid advertising, before AdWords or other search-and-content advertising, and we will show you how to squeeze the maximum value out of your hard-earned advertising dollars.



Facebook is Merely the Greatest advertising instrument for your small enterprise in 2021.

And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in with 2.2 billion customers right now.

Chances are your customers are on Facebook. I am going to lay out for you the ultimate Facebook marketing strategy for your small business in 2021 or the next 12 months.

If you just can get Facebook, right your business will thrive in the next 12 months, especially this year in 2021.

Facebook and Instagram are grossly underpriced right now, but it’s not going to last.

In fact, it is estimated that over a billion dollar is going to shift from traditional marketing to social media marketing in the next 12 to 18 month and with limited advertising space the price is going to go up.

Don’t even take into consideration organic reach organic reach as been declining for the last two years and we might as well call it dead.

So what can we do? Well today I’m going to give you the ultimate Facebook marketing strategy for your business that I’m sure is going to be a great fit.

The strategy consists of five steps.

  1. content creation.
  2. content marketing
  3. lead capture for retargeting and
  4. closing the deal.
  5. content creation.

Think about it for a minute Facebook is a Content consumption machine. This is where you and I go and find Interesting content pictures, videos just interesting content.

Most people do not go to Facebook to sign up for something or buy your products. In fact, it actually gets on peoples nerves.

If you’re trying to get them to buy your stuff too aggressively.

They really don’t go to Facebook with any intent to buy.

So what’s the first step in content creation?

Well create something they want to see maybe it’s educational content.

Maybe it is Entertaining content or maybe it is relevant to their industry.

Think about it in terms of what’s in it for them.

Whatever it is. Make sure it is relevant and worthy of their attention.

Table of Contents

Content marketing

Sharing your content with friends family members influencers and others is great.

It’s just simply not enough and you also need to Put some Money behind it and remember in 2021 Facebook ads are relatively cheap right now.

But before you start boosting your post there are few things that are really important that you need to know; firstly if the content you are sharing on Facebook lives on a different platform.

For example your website, make sure to install Facebook pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel?

It’s a basically a little line of code that tracks all the visitors that are going on your website and are now on Facebook.

In other words when they are on Facebook, Facebook will know that person was on your website just a little while ago or a week ago or a month ago.

Make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website because it’s really important.

The other thing you really need to know is the basics of Facebook advertising. I strongly suggest that you learn and read on how to create a Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook has its own course, go and learn and that’s a great place to start, which will give you everything you basically need to know.

Now you have created great. Content on your Facebook page.

You have learn how to create a campaign, you have installed the Facebook pixel and now have a couple of campaigns running your ads on Facebook.

Lead Capturing and Nurturing

What’s next?

Getting back to people that have already consumed content on your Facebook page with something new according to marketing law.

You must be in front of people at least seven times before people are ready to make a buying decision.

Our job is this, first we must find people within our targeted audience who wants something we can offer now.

We need to find a way to put more content in front of them that they are interested in so we can develop the relationship.

What is the number of time we need to be in front of them again?

seven times!

We targeting the people that have consume content over. And over and over again.

And in fact that kind of works too, when I say the ultimate Facebook marketing strategy, I would have a slightly different approach because in the end we know that Facebook marketing ads or going to go up.

My suggestion would be to try to capture the people that are consuming your content for a different platform like an email or like a subscription.

Creating a retargeting campaign is something you’re going to learn in the Facebook blueprint.

Targets people that have already consumed your content then the ad that you are making for that audience will try to capture them.

So you can communicate to them differently.

For example, you could ask your targeted audience to join a Facebook group that you have created or sign up for a newsletter or apps, call you directly at your phone number or asking for free consultation.

You are now building a list of people that will over time after six seven maybe ten times by your products.

This is called nurturing.

During this nurturing stage. You should be focused on creating Content that provides value to them in some way, give them advice, give them useful tips.

Tell them how to do things, provide value to them.

Then after all of this, comes the grand finale, but it’s really just the beginning the sales pitch personally.

I like to use the ten to one ratio provide value 10 times at least to a prospect before you ask them to buy.

That is the mistake that most people do what they do is the opposite. They asked people to buy 10 times.

Provide value 10 times asked one time. And when you make an offer, please make sure to use a sense of urgency.

Tell them there is a limited availability, make it time-sensitive this offer until Monday 5 p.m. Or it could be to come to your business and get a discounted rate for limited amount of time.

If they don’t take the offer, well, you can simply retarget them.

Providing them another sets or five to ten valuable piece of content and then ask again and make another offer.

That’s basically the formula for the Ultimate marketing strategy on Facebook.

Watch this video to succeed in this journey

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