How to Create A Content Even If You’re Not a Writer

How to Create Content If You’re Not a Writer in 2021

How to Create Content Even If You’re Not a Writer

How to Create A Content Even If You’re Not a Writer can be achieve very simple if have this tools. Semrush is here to help you out. Click here to download.

Online business is built on content. These hacks will help you even if you don’t like writing.Share

How to Create Content If You’re Not a Writer in 2021

You need to be a master of all trades as an entrepreneur. This includes marketing, business development, financial management, cash flow and public speaking. However, there is one area that can leave business owners paralyzed by fear: Writing. What if you aren’t a writer? This is how it works!

We all know that being a content creator is essential for any online business. By creating valuable content, you can grow your audience and build trust.

This content is also known as content marketing. It’s about creating content that invites people to visit you for the value you provide, rather than just pushing out a message via traditional marketing or advertising.

Content marketing can include blog posts, email newsletters and social media. It also includes podcasts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and other content people want to consume. These content are not about the hard sell you do in your advertising and marketing. Content marketing is about helping people, building relationships, trust and building a community of superfans. 

Although content marketing is, it requires a lot more writing, even if the video or podcast are on YouTube.

So,. ?. . What if you aren’t a writer? You might not be good at writing or you don’t enjoy it. What if you don’t have enough time?

How to Create Content Even If You’re Not a Writer

Don’t panic! These hacks will allow you to create amazing written content that will help build your business.

1. Hiring a writer

This should be a simple decision. Hire someone if you have the money to pay for their writing. This will let you focus on the things you love.

How do you find a freelance writer to hire? Ask your network for recommendations and ask them if they know of any writer. You can post a message to LinkedIn or visit these sites that will match you with freelance writers.

Fiverr – This is a great site where you can find writers with experience in writing any type of writing. It is also possible to hire editors or proofreaders.An example of some of the help you can find through hiring a freelancer on Fivver.

Fiverr allows you to browse profiles of freelance writers that are available for hire. You can then decide which writer is the best fit for you. UpWork has a similar website.

Hire someone to help you, even if they are only for a few hours per week or for one project. You may be able to invite the writer to join your team as a full-time employee if they are a good fit. It is a great way for you to get to know someone before hiring them.

What if you don’t have the funds to hire someone?

2. Tap Your Team

Tap a member of your team to see if they are willing to contribute, even if they are not in a “writing” position. How to Create A Content Even If You’re Not a Writer 

It might surprise you to learn that there are many talented writers who don’t work in an official role. Ask your team members to focus on one topic that they are experts in and ask them to contribute regularly.

You can record an audio brain dump if you have someone who is skilled at editing. This allows you to record your thoughts and ideas and have someone edit them into a coherent article.

3. Repurpose existing content

Most likely, you already have content that can be repurposed to create blog posts, emails, or social media posts.

Are you enrolled in an online course? Do you have an online course? If so, edit one module or chapter to make a blog post. I recently completed this with the blog post about how to 597 business ideas to start from home.

It might seem strange to think that people would know that the blog post was taken from course content. It’s cheating!

It’s not. You are providing valuable information to your audience through multiple media. Blog content is completely free. Offering free content from paid courses is an example of adding value. You should be careful not give away too many content, as this could devalue your paid content. A little bit of content here and there can be a smart way for you to reuse it and help your audience.

If you have a podcast, and YouTube videos, you can also reuse the content. The transcripts can be used to evaluate the content and then edited down.

It is smart and efficient to strategically reuse content.

4. Invite guest bloggers to contribute

Do you know anyone in your network who could write content that benefits your audience? Reach out to them to see if you are interested in guest posting. These would be people with a substantial audience. This way you can kill two birds with one stone: you provide content for your audience and guest bloggers promote the post to their audience. You’ll also get new eyes reading your content.

Be sure to let your guests know who you are and what topics you cover. You can either suggest topics for them to write about or work together to create topics. Once the guest has published their post, you can suggest ways they can promote it to their audience to increase traffic to your site.

5. Curate Content

Curating content can be used for blog posts or newsletters. This allows you to provide value to your readers without the need to write a 2,500 word original article.

Curating content simply means putting together a variety of content you find interesting and believe your audience will enjoy. A blog post might include a list (with links) of articles from other publications on topics relevant to your industry.

This may sound like a ploy. It’s not. It’s not convenient for people. Having links to multiple articles in one place saves time and effort.

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Take a survey of your audience

Ask your audience for help in writing content. This can be done by asking your audience to complete a survey and then using their responses to create blog posts. 

5. Use Lists to Your Advantage

This could be used for any purpose. Which are your top ten online business tools recommendations? What business books are you currently reading? And what do they have in common? What were the five most important things that you did to help your business start? A list can be a great way of giving advice to others and creating valuable content.

6. Interview experts

Interviewing is easier if you are good at asking questions and being curious.

  • Interview an expert about a topic you believe will benefit your audience. I regularly interviews entrepreneurs who do amazing things.
  • Ask people from your audience about their success stories and then write a success story. People love to hear about successful people like them.
  • Ask a mentor or someone who inspires you to interview them. Ask for their advice and write a blog post.

How to Create Content even If You’re Not a Writer. You can use a recording of your interviews for many purposes: as a podcast, for YouTube, or even in a blog post. One interview can yield a lot of value!


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