How to Get Anime Eyes the Simplest way

How to Get Anime Eyes the Simplest way

How to Get Anime Eyes the Simplest way. People from many subcultures love the innocent, huge anime eyes. However, colored contacts can be an option. These can be costly and may cause eye damage. You can create an anime-like effect with careful makeup application. After you’ve mastered the technique, try different products and styles to personalize your look.

Method1 Enlarging the Eyes with Makeup

  1. 1 Apply foundation and concealer. These products can be used to conceal dark circles under the eyes and give you a consistent skin tone to work with. Choose a foundation that is lighter than your skin.
  2. 2 Apply eye primer. Use eye primer around your eyes to hold your makeup in place. This will make your appearance last longer. Apply it all the way to your eyebrows.
  3. 3 Apply eyeshadow. Rub eyeshadow around your eyes. You can use any color you like, but softening and lighter shades will enhance the cute anime-looking eyes of most women. To make your eyeshadow stand out from the white liner later on, you can blend in some brown to it if you choose to use pale eyeshadow.
  4. 4 Add eye shimmer powder to accentuate the effect. If you don’t like the flashy effect or do not have this product, you can skip this step.
  5. 5 Make a pale outline for the inner eye. Use pale or white eyelinerDraw a V-shaped line through your tear ducts at the inner corner of your eyes. This outline should be extended slightly to the waterline of each of your eyes, but no more than 1/3 of the length. A paler outline creates the illusion of a larger object. Focusing on the inner corner will make your eyes appear closer together.
    • The waterline is the area of your eyelid that touches the other eyelid.
    • This is why some makeup brands create “Big Eye” eyeliner products.
    • Eyeliner pencils or liquid eyeliners can be used.
  6. 6 Use dark eyeliner to create a longer look:To make your eyes more dramatic, apply a dark or black eyeliner to your top and bottom waterlines. Use a white eyeliner to outline the white area, but avoid the areas that are affected by it. To make your eyes appear larger, extend the eyeliner a few centimeters beyond the waterline (0.4-8 inches) at the outer corner of the eye. You can also opt for a different look.Create a small wingAt the corner. The winged eyes appear larger and more dramatic. However, large wings can cause a look that isn’t compatible with most anime styles.
    • A natural look can be achieved by closing your eyes and using the natural wrinkle to expand the outline.
    • Avoid using smoky eyesliner. It can make your eyes appear smaller.
  7. 7 Apply black mascara:To make your eyelashes long and full, use a volumizing and lengthening mascara. In anime, the outer lashes are often thicker than those in the middle. So focus on them. Two main methods can be used to achieve different effects. You can choose from the two options below. But, before you apply the next coat of mascara, let your mascara dry.
    • For a dramatic, bold effect, apply several coats of mascara thickly to the eyelashes. If your mascara clumps, this is not a good option.
    • Use three brush strokes to apply one coat across your outer, middle and inner lashes. Continue to apply as many coats as necessary until you get the desired effect.
  8. 8 False eyelashes are optional: False eyelashes can be used to enhance the look if you’re not satisfied with it. You can either use demi lashes or trim full-length eyelashes before you apply them. To create a larger eye, apply them slightly further back than normal. You can also add lower lashes.
    • If you do not want to use false eyelashes, curling your eyelashes can result in a similar, though less dramatic, effect.
    • Many anime characters have a more separated look to their eyelashes. Instead of a continuous fringe, attach sections of false eyelashes between 2-4 millimeters (0.08-11.6 inches).

Method2 Achieve Other Anime Features

  1. 1 Contacts can change the color of your eyes. A large “circle lens” can have a dramatic effect, particularly if it is colored with an unnatural hue.Always Consult an optometrist to measure your eyes before you buy contacts. Contacts that are not well-made or fitted can lead to serious eye damage.
    • Sclera lenses can create a dramatic effect by covering almost all of the visible eye.
    • Before applying mascara, always use contacts.
  2. 2 Use a light lipstick, or lip gloss.Your lips will look larger and fuller if you use a bold lipstick. Over-accentuated eyes and lips can look chaotic or overwhelming on many faces. Instead, try a clear gloss or light pink lipstick.
    • If you want to imitate an anime character, you can make a large bow with your lips.
  3. 3Use a blush that is light pink on the cheekbones to enhance the innocent appearance of female anime characters. Cross the blush from the cheekbone to the cheekbone for an anime-inspired look.
  4. 4 Colored eyeliner can make the look more realistic. You can use brightly colored eyeliners in purple, blue and green to achieve a more natural look. This eyeliner can be used in place of black if you want to imitate cyberpunk anime or other unusual styles.
  5. 5 False eyebrows can be used.A thicker, thinner arch makes you look more animated than a normal eyebrow, especially when drawn boldly. You can also choose to use unusual colors.
    • To make your eyebrows appear more convincing, you can apply a gluestick to your natural eyebrows.
  6. 6 Take two teaspoons and tighten your eyes. Store the teaspoons in a refrigerator or cold cellar for 20-30 min. Place the bowl of spoons on top of your eyes, heating them up. You will temporarily look wider-eyed by pulling the skin around your eyes.


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