IT’S HAPPEN TO ME PACKAGE. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Good day bro Jerome….been a top private fan of your work…just need a little advice from you….how do you get over someone you truly love but feel that the future might not really be rosy for you guys but letting go seems to be a big issue… Thanks

Dear sender, if you are really sure you don’t want a future with someone, approach them and tell them. That’s the first part. Telling them will make them to cease doing certain peculiar things that makes you keep them in your mind. The next thing to do which is the more difficult one, is to learn to move on by doing away with things that are associated to them, that you still have in your possession. Social media accounts, phone numbers, pictures, presents received, letters, and of course memories. In extreme cases, you may even need to dissociate from people that are close to that person, such as family members or friends.

People either separate nastily or mutually. When they separate mutually, they may still keep things associated to them as a reminder they met those people, especially if it doesn’t disturb them from moving on. But if they find it hard to let go like in your case, then it may be necessary to dissociate even from things associated to those people. In any case, the passage of time makes it easier to move on.

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