How to Use Chromecast

How to Watch YouTube on Smart TV

How to Use Chromecast. Google’s Chromecast allows you to stream video from your phone or computer to an HDTV. The Chromecast’s cost-effectiveness and ease of use make it easier than ever to cut the cable. This article will show you how to set up Chromecast and cast videos from your tablet, smartphone, or computer to it.

Part 1Connecting your Chromecast to Your Television

  1. 1Unwrap the Chromecast box. Also, you will need a USB cord and a charger cord.
  2. 2Locate the HDMI port on the back or side your HDTV. Also, check if your TV has a USB port to charge the device. It will require an outlet or power strip nearby if it does not.
  3. 3Connect the USB cable to your Chromecast to charge it. If the USB port is not available, connect the charger to it.
  4. 4Insert the Chromecast’s other end into the HDMI port. The Chromecast is hidden behind the TV or to the side.
  5. 5Connect the device. Once it is connected, plug in the AC adapter to turn on the AC outlet.
  6. 6Turn on the TV. Click the “input” button. Locate the HDMI input that corresponds with your device. This could be an HDMI input that is numbered, such as HDMI2, HDMI2 or HDMI3.
  7. 7Complete the setup on your smartphone or laptop. To create your account, go to Take note of your Chromecast setup name.
How to Use Chromecast

Part 2Setting up your Chromecast on a Smartphone/Tablet

  1. 1Get the Google Home App.Google Home is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Follow these steps to download Google Play Store.
    • Open the Google Play Store and App Store.
    • Tap the Search tab (iPhone or iPad only).
    • In the search bar, type “Google Home
    • In the search results, tap “Google Home”.
    • Click GET or install next to the Google Home App.
  2. 2Open the Google Home App.It is represented by a white icon which resembles a blue-colored, yellow-colored, red-colored, or green house. To open the Google Home app, tap the icon on the home screen or in the apps menu.
    • Sign in with the username or password that you have associated with your Google Account if you do not already sign in to your Google Account.
  3. 3Tap Tap “>+”. It is located in the upper-left corner on the Google Home app. This will display a menu.
  4. 4Tap Tap “>Set up Device. This icon is at the top menu when you tap “+”.
  5. 5Tap Tap “>Set up a new device in your house.
  6. 6Tap to select a home for the device. Select a home for your device and tap “>Next.The Google Home app will begin scanning your Wi Fi network to find new devices.
    • Tap Create a new home if you don’t already have a Google Home account. Follow the steps to create a Google Home network.
  7. 7Check the code. A 4-digit code should appear on both your tablet or smartphone and your TV. Verify that the code appears on both your smartphone or tablet.
  8. 8Tap in a room to select it. Select a room and tap “>Next.”
  9. 9Choose your Wi-Fi network. Click the Wi-Fi Network you wish to connect to your Google Chromecast.
  10. 10Enter your Wi Fi password. To connect your Chromecast with your Wi Fi network, type your password. Your Chromecast will display “All Done” on the screen of your tablet or smartphone once it is set up.
How to Use Chromecast

Part3Using Chromecast with a Device

  1. 1Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your Chromecast.
  2. 2Install supported apps on your device. Chromecast is supported by most popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. You can find a list of available apps at
  3. 3Open a supported application. Tap on the app icon on your tablet or smartphone to open the app.
  4. 4Choose something to stream.
  5. 5Once you have streaming enabled, tap the broadcast button.
  6. 6Use your Chromecast device to cast content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

Part4Casting Video to Chromecast with a Laptop

  1. 1Get the Google Chrome browser.Always use Chrome to open the content you wish to stream. Chromecast is a Chrome extension that works with Google Chrome.
    • Google Chrome can be downloaded at
  2. 2Open Google Chrome. The icon looks like a red, green and yellow wheel. To launch Google Chrome, click the icon on your computer.
  3. 3Visit a video streaming site. There are many popular video streaming websites that can be optimized for Google Chrome. These include Netflix and YouTube as well as Hulu Plus and HBO Go. Register for an account
  4. 4Select the content that you wish to stream. Get started streaming any content from your computer.
  5. 5Click on the broadcast button in the browser. This icon looks like a TV, with waves coming off it. This will display a list with all the devices that you can cast to.
  6. 6Select your Chromecast device and click the button. It will start streaming.

Part5Casting Websites to Chromecast With a Laptop

  1. 1Get the Google Chrome browser.Always use Chrome to open the content you wish to stream. Chromecast is a Chrome extension that works with Google Chrome.
    • Google Chrome can be downloaded at
  2. 2Google Chrome.Google Chrome can be used to cast any website to your Chromecast.
    • Your Chromecast must be connected to the same Wi Fi network as your laptop.
  3. 3Visit a website that you wish to cast. Chrome can cast any website to Chromecast. In the address bar, enter the website address.
  4. 4Click “>” to open the menu. Click “>” to open the menu.
  5. 5Click Click “>Cast… It’s in a menu that opens when you click on the icon with three dots at the upper-right corner. This will display a list with all the devices that you can cast to.
  6. 6Click on your Chromecast device.

This is all you need to know about setting up Chromecast. How to Use Chromecast



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