Dear Ladies,

Let me first of all apologize for this unsolicited advice I am about to give to you. I do not have the right to advise you or suggest anything to you, but I am doing because I heard that social media never forgets.

Secondly, I am giving this advice so that we won’t have too many dear BRO JEROME.. Lol

I guess you have accepted my apologies.

You see, the weather is beautiful for two, and some irresponsible men will be more romantic this period than they’ve ever been all through the year… That is expected, please take note.

Our Malaysian, American, British, South African, Canadian, and all our abroad boyfriends, suitors, and semi-suitors (that’s the one you are working hard to date but he hasn’t given you express interest), will be coming around for the yuletide.

As expected they will come with some money and tell you how they want to marry you immediately and travel with you in no distant future.

They will buy you phones and some of those things that make you feel loved and cherished, and he will share the most beautiful plan he has designed for your life even before knowing who you are.

You know that I am not an enemy of progress, but your good friend, your preacher, your relationship coach, and confidant. I am not against anyone who genuinely have good intentions for you.

But please, I will suggest you consider taking things slowly, avoid sex if possible. I know that it may be difficult, especially when cold fries your nipples, but I will still suggest that you consider a duvet than going to a hotel with him.

Sex is beautiful, love is sweet, but taking responsibility of a pregnancy or a child alone is where the real problem starts.

Please don’t lose your common sense because of common cents, don’t lose your guard because of abroad guys, and don’t forget that pregnancy is more expensive than his penny.

Enjoy your time with them, but remember that you are responsible for the report card you will receive by January.

You know that I will always be here to support you no matter what.

I love you, and that is why I share this unsolicited advice.

Please share with others, you might be saving someone from making a terrible mistakes thanks.