New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021)

New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021)

New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021). Best way to Trace your stolen phone without going to the police station.

If you lose your mobile phone, you can trace it without going to the police. Most of us always fear that our phones may be stolen at any time.

As a mobile phone engineer which I am, many peoples have been asking me countless times on the best way to track their phone without going to the police station after trying all the Apps on the play store but it fails. It is on this note that I carry out this research in other safe guides my audience and my customers as well.

Let ponder on some of the questions people mostly ask me which is why I have come to solve this problem permanently.

  1. How can I track my phone using IMEL number?
  2. Can a mobile phone be tracked when switched off?
  3. How do you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off?
  4. How can I block my mobile with IMEL number online?

With the above questions raise so far, if you check google you will see so many answers that refers to Apps on play store. But let me give you some thing unique and differently.

Before we dive into this very deeply, let us understand the meaning of the word IMEL

What is IMEL?

According to it means International Mobile Equipment Identity.

An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique number for identifying a device on a mobile network. It operates the same as a social security number, bank verification number, National Identity number, TIN, or serial number but identifies phones specifically. The number has 15 digits and consists of four groups like the model below jut dial the code on your phone:

New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021).

The IMEI identifies a unique mobile phone so that it can be tracked. Mobile phones that use a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) system and have AT&T or T-Mobile cellular plans worldwide have an IMEI number. The IMEI was originally created because the SIM card within a mobile device could not be a permanent identifier of the device, and the device had to have some sort of identifier.


  • Phone carriers and manufacturers share IMEI numbers to enable the tracking of smartphones that may be stolen or compromised. 
  • An IMEI number is also useful when buying a used phone. Using an IMEI checker will reveal if a phone has been reported lost, blacklisted, or subjected to an insurance claim.

The above was what IMEL was made for but technology has change so also why things changes. If you don’t have your IMEL, copy it out now and keep safe by dialing *#06# in your phone to get it.

So, every where on the internet all you see is

  1. Use a Strong Phone Lock Option.

We must address this first. Using your names, birth date, or pet names is not advised. You can choose to use either a PIN, Pattern, Password, Biometrics (Fingerprint/Face Recognition Unlock), or all the above now.

With Passwords, it’s in your best interest that you combine letters, numbers, and other special characters. The longer they are, the better.

Also, extend this Lock to your most important Apps.

  1. Enable “Find my Device” on your Android device.

Open Settings > Google > Security and select Find My Device; It is an anti-theft app by Google that comes with your phone. You can remotely lock, and wipe your phone or see its location on a map.

  1. Back up Everything.

It’s important to have your data saved. Using a Cloud service, or memory card, back up all relevant information.


Chances of getting your stolen or lost smartphone back may be slim, but not at all impossible. Your stolen or lost Infinix, TECNO or itel phone can be tracked by the following means;


As previously mentioned, you can remotely lock and track a lost phone using this option. Since your smartphone is unavailable, visit the Find my device site using a PC or any other device.

find my device, New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021).

Next, sign in with the same Gmail account on your lost Android phone. Once the page opens, it shows your device’s name & the last time it was seen online. You may then use the menu on the Find My Device site to search.

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Now my question is what if the location is turned off? What if they flash the phone to remove the password?

Me and you know that there’s no way a thief can access your phone without unlocking the phone, so a thief that does not stay with you will never know your password except the phone is flash and when this is done all your settings in such phone is gone and restored to default including all the security settings so what do you do?

New Tricks (How to Track a Lost Stolen Android Phone 2021).


This is how it works:

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile to get your IMEL, if you have receipt check and you it.

2. Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Note down this number at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the number that will help trace your phone in case of theft.

4. Once stolen, just E-mail this 15 digit IMEI No. to with details as stated below:

Your name:____________________


Phone model:_________________

Make:__e.g tecno cc7_______________________

Last used No.:__e.g last 21/4/2021_______________

E-mail for communication:__e.g admin@jubass.com___

Missed date:_____e.g yesterday______________

IMEI No :_e.g 123456789101133______________________

5.Your Mobile will be traced within the next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and the internet, You will find where your handset is being operated and the new user’s No. will be sent to your email.

6. After this, you can inform the Police with the details you now have.

PLEASE  spread this fact, share this information to stop this act in our country.




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