Our Mission

Mission: To provide quality, relevant and meaningful online business opportunities and training by applying modern and cutting-edge technologies, professional and qualified personnel in a conducive and serene environment necessary to develop students and entrepreneurs.

Jubass is coming to help the young people who wishes to become an entrepreneur.


Our mission is to help both young and old people to make good use of the internet space to make legitimate income for themselves. To

Stop searching for a job that is no way to be found but rather think of how to create a company. It doesn’t matter if you are educated.

I need you to think about this; did Dangote become the richest African because he is a professor? No. He wasn’t a great student.

Did Bill Gates have any certificate to become the richest man in the world? No. He dropped out of school.

Did Richard Branson have Masters to become the richest man in the Uk? No. He did not even finish High School.

Did Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) finish school? No. He dropped out.

Thomas Edison spent just about 3 months in school but he became the world’s most famous inventor.

Wright Brothers didn’t finish High School but they invented the Airplane.

Let me stop here, the list is much. We will show you how to make money online using others people brain, Time and Energy.

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