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NewAir 40-Pound Countertop Clear Ice Maker

For perfectly clear, restaurant-quality ice any time, the NewAir 40-Pound Clear Ice Maker a great addition to your home kitchen or bar. Small enough to fit on any countertop, this clear ice maker churns out loads of perfect ice to impress guests or for your own enjoyment.

Creates restaurant-quality transparent ice

Keeps ice in cold storage to limit melt time

One-button operation for ease of use

Produces up to 40 pounds of ice per day

Small footprint allows clear ice maker machine to fit in any kitchen

Stainless steel finish for a sleek look

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Transparent Ice for Home Chefs and Mixologists

If you’ve tried every trick to make clear ice cubes to no avail, it’s time you knew the secret: The right ice maker for clear ice doesn’t depend on the type of water you use. It’s all about keeping air out of the process, and NewAir’s advanced design makes sure you get the clearest, longest-lasting ice possible by passing water over chilled rods to keep air out. The resulting crystal-clear ice cubes will enhance any drink -and they’re especially welcome by Scotch enthusiasts and home bartenders.

High Capacity, Small Footprint

You don’t need enormous commercial kitchen appliances to get the results you need in your home. The NewAir portable ice maker packs professional-grade clear ice technology into a user-friendly package that easily fits on your kitchen countertop -even under wall cabinets. This compact ice maker works fast to make ice in as little as 15 minutes once it’s warmed up.

Easy, Efficient Design

No need to worry about hiring a plumber to install this clear ice maker: Just plug it in, fill the reservoir and enjoy perfect ice in almost no time. The uncluttered, one-button design takes no time at all to master. The NewAir 40-Pound Clear Ice Maker is also designed with the environment in mind. It costs per hour to use, you can rest easy knowing your electric bills won’t rise once you plug it in.

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Crystal-Clear Ice Every Time

NewAir’s carefully engineered residential ice maker uses a process that removes extraneous air for perfectly clear, solid ice cubes.

Date First Available‏:‎September 29, 2021

Create restaurant-quality clear transparent ice in minutes and up to 40 lbs of ice in 24 hours
Insulated storage so your ice cubes don’t melt nearly as quick as traditional ice machines
One-Touch Control to get your machine started at a moments notice. It’s never been easier to make amazing quality ice
The NewAir ClearIce 40 countertop portable ice maker comes with small BPA free plastic ice scoop, removable ice basket, and automatically shuts off when ice is full
Stainless steel finish for a sleek modern look that will look great in any kitchen or setting



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