Dropshipping: Six-Figure Dropshipping Blueprint


Chapter 1 – What is Dropshipping and How Does It Work?
Chapter 2 – Understanding Dropshipping Chapter 3 – The Blueprint Chapter 4 – Getting Your Own
Dropshipping Business Off the Ground Chapter 5 – Choosing the Right Products Chapter 6 –
Choosing the Right Supplier Chapter 7 – The Risks and Pitfalls of Dropshipping Conclusion


Making money online has never been easier. Once upon a time, you would have
had to spend a vast fortune on setting up a website, domain names and hosting,
buying in and storing vast amounts of stock and all the hassle of filling and
shipping the orders. The advent of dropshipping takes care of all that by taking
the hassle and the hard work out of your hands and sending the money rolling
into your bank account overnight.
Dropshipping is a fulfillment model that enables you to purchase products
individually from a manufacturer, wholesaler, or other supplier and ship them
directly to your customer. This means that instead of selling goods to your
customer in a traditional way, where you would purchase the stock and ship it to
your customer from your warehouse, you can expedite the process and have it
shipped directly to your customer from the supplier’s warehouse.