Before you pick up that camera and start creating your own
videos, consider some of the ways YouTube has altered the land-
scape of our everyday lives. You’ll get some background, navigate
around the site, and receive a little bit of philosophy as you are
introduced to people who have paved the way for the rest of us to
achieve success on YouTube. Not only is YouTube a wonderful
source of entertainment but it is also a major breakthrough in
the way we share our experiences. Most important of all,
YouTube can be a powerful business tool. That’s no doubt why
you picked up this book—to learn how you can step onto the site
and use it to make money, directly or indirectly, for yourself or
your company.
YouTube defines itself as “a community where people are en-
tertained, informed, educated, and inspired through the sharing of
video.” Figure 1-1 shows you just what to expect from YouTube’s
home page. More than 200 million unique visitors arrive at this
page each month from all over the globe, according to the com-
pany. Of those, 68 million are from the United States.





Earn Cash, Market
Yourself, Reach Your
Customers, and Grow
Your Business on theWITH
World’s Most Popular
Video-Sharing Site

It isn’t often that we get to witness a life-changing innovation. Our
parents spoke of their first television sets with an enthusiasm those
of us who grew up with the device couldn’t quite appreciate. Hon-
estly, did people gather in one house in the neighborhood just to
watch Milton Berle? In many ways, the following generations have
been extraordinarily fortunate. Not only did we see the arrival of
the Internet and all that came with it—e-mail, instant messaging,
online shopping, online banking, global positioning systems, just to
name a few—but we’ve also seen the arrival of Web 2.0 technologies.
Social networking and social media have changed the Internet
almost as much as the Internet has changed us.
Thanks to YouTube and other social media sites, each one of
us can take center stage and present our views of life to a world-
wide audience. For the very first time, individuals have access to
the same broad audience once reserved for major television net-
works and their wealthy advertisers. This is not to suggest that
anyone can just pick up a camera and automatically gain the
exposure and gravitas of, say, Walter Cronkite. But each of us can
work in our own little corner of YouTube to create a following and
an audience for our own particular view on life. Whether we go
onto YouTube to spread a political message, promote our busi-
nesses, or share our humor (as everyone else seems to think we’re
funny), we’ve got the power within our own hands to change our
lives through video on demand. Even Queen Elizabeth II has her
own place on YouTube!
But, the question remains, can you make money with
YouTube? The answer to that question is . . . YES. True, it all
depends upon your definition of “making money.” If you think
that you’ve only actually made money when you’ve added dollars to
your bottom line, then YouTube success may elude you at first. But if making money can also mean saving on advertising expenses
and branding costs, then please stay tuned.
Throughout the pages of this book, we’re going to introduce you
to individuals and company representatives who are convinced that
YouTube changed their lives. You’ll meet comedians who now earn
stipends as YouTube partners. You’ll meet public relations officers
who report more than 1,000 percent increases in their sales as a
result of their YouTube presence. You’ll meet sales and marketing
executives from Fortune 500 companies who are now so smitten
with the success they’ve realized on YouTube they may never plan
another advertising campaign without it. You’ll meet Fred, a 14-year-
old farm kid who not only has an advertising agency working on his
behalf but also retains a business manager who advises him and his
family about what to do next. You’ll meet stay-at-home moms who
are supplementing their family’s incomes and forging fascinating
new lives for themselves. All these people had an idea and stuck with
it long enough to learn how to make that idea profitable.
Now, this is not to say that you’ll necessarily row your little boat
down the River YouTube to guaranteed fame, fortune, and happi-
ness. We’ve been at this profession a little too long to believe that
we’re privy to the next great get-rich-quick scheme. The path to suc-
cess on YouTube is more like a winding estuary than a raging river.
In addition to the success stories on the site, you’ll find a whole lot
of junk, but a lot of it is golden, too.
In the chapters that follow, you’ll discover how to create a
YouTube presence in the latter category. You’ll get acquainted with
the phenomenon that is YouTube, learn how both individuals and
companies are using the site to achieve their goals, and explore the
basics of how to produce a great video. Then, once you have your
video posted to the site, you’ll learn how to promote and distribute
it so that it won’t be lost in the tsunami of video that gets added to
the site every day. Finally, you’ll find out about potential revenue-
sharing sources for you through YouTube, and you’ll learn about
other online video-sharing sites that might prove to be at least as
profitable for you as YouTube is.

All along the way, you’ll discover the fun and enthusiasm that
marks YouTube and its contributors. You may have to go a long way
to find a group of people more energized and enthusiastic about
the work they’re pursuing.
It’s been a great deal of fun to research and write this book. It’s
our fervent hope that you’ll find it to be a great deal of fun to read it.