How to Rank in YouTube: How to get more views on YouTube


Who is this book for?
I have purposefully pitched this book at people who already know a little about how to use YouTube and who may even have one or two videos but
simply need to know how to
maximize their traffic and views.
I’m not expecting you to know YouTube inside out and in fact I will be showing you how to use the main features in YouTube, using screenshots along the
way to help you. But I won’t be
prescriptive about how to make your videos either – that part is very much up
to you.
I will however be giving you lots of tips as well as the pitfalls to watch out for when making videos in my “Videos that get noticed” section.
Most people are able to use YouTube and, with all the software tools available on the internet, just about anyone can make a video. But surprisingly few people use all of the
features of YouTube once a video has been uploaded to get it ranking well.
They simply fail to take to those extra final steps that make all the difference.

know how set up a YouTube
know how to do basic keyword
research using the Google
AdWords Keyword Planner tool
(although I will touch on how to do
have a modicum of technical


Why use YouTube?
At the time of writing, it’s official –
YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. And just to repeat what I said earlier, it really is used as a search engine in its own right!
There are now over 1 billion viewers of YouTube across the globe, and it just keeps growing. Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed each day and in 2012, YouTube had well over a trillion views!

A leading internet research company, Comscore, found that visitors typically spend 7 1/2 times longer watching YouTube videos than their nearest competitor, Yahoo and with nearly 3 times more viewers! In fact, they found
that 99% of all searchers on Google
looking for videos went straight to
Which site do YOU think of first if you want to watch a video (non-
pornographic, I mean!)? Yes, YouTube! And the viewers are yours for the taking.