Your boss pays you N30,000 per month.

Now let’s assume that you decided to save all without touching a dime, it would take you 36 months to make N1million.

(Did I hear you say 3years?)



On the other hand, if you can convince an organization like Dangote Group to print and supply 5000 umbrellas to them (to be used as souvenirs) and you make just N200 profit per umbrella, in just one day you must have made N1million.


What about becoming a billionaire, that is where it gets crazy!

Now let’s increase your pay to N1,000,000 per month and you decide to save all without touching a dime. In a year, you must have saved N12million. It would take about 84years before you can make N1billion. (Please subtract your current age).

On the other hand, Nigeria has a population of about 200 million people, if you can supply salt to just 12million people once in a month and you make just N200 from each person supplied, in one year, you must have made N2.9billion.

This shows that to become rich, you have to stop talking to bosses and start talking to clients.



Divide your SALARY by 30 days and see what you get (i.e. the number of days in a month and see the funny thing about your salary plan).



  • An average level-12 worker in the state government civil service earns NGN 60,000. And this translates to NGN 60,000÷30= NGN 2,000 every day. This is LESS THAN the amount made daily by an AVERAGE HAWKER in the city.
  • A freshly employed graduate banker in most Nigerian banks earns an average of NGN120,000 monthly.

So every month, you get NGN120, 000÷30= NGN4, 000 as the daily value for your work-life. By implication, this is LESS THAN the amount earned daily by an average driver in the city and in some villages…

  • If you are a fresh graduate employee in some oil companies, you earn an average of NGN300,000 monthly. So in a day your work-value is NGN300, 000 ÷ 30= NGN10,000.

This is less than the daily amount earned by an irrigation farmer supplying vegetables to Lagos markets, a tipper car driver supplying sand for three block industries and construction sites just 3 times a day and drivers of Dangote trucks who have bought off the trucks at scrap value and vase using them to convey products between villages and the cities for just five business owners.



And when there is an issue in the family that requires financial assistance, the drivers, hawkers and the rest are looking up to you with a white collar job.


  • if you are an NYSC member, you don’t need to be told that: NGN19,800÷30 = NGN 660 is your worth on a daily basis, the above figure is the current amount paid to youth copper in my country as at the time of writing this book.

I hope you know that pure water sellers who own a shop, a pepper soup joint and a small Toyota Corolla car to distribute pure water to five restaurants earn more than you and Wheel-Barrow Pushers working on contract for three warehouses probably make more money than you each day.

Wake up and be more productive. We should be more proactive, create room for more income and strive to diversify our streams of income.

The earlier you wake up and smell the coffee, the better for you.


Someone right now will say this analysis is too ideal to be true but take your time and do it, you will grasp the crux!!!

STOP waiting for the Government to feed you, feed yourself and help the Government feed others. That is where we are in this age.


I wish you an entrepreneurial mindset. Think entrepreneurship it pays. Dream Big you must make it in life.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the underlying qualities that define your purpose. In this exercise, answer the following 10 questions as fully as possible. Your answers may relate to your current position, but they may also come from entirely different areas of your life. It’s important that you be honest. You’re assessing your interests and your ability to make big changes in your professional and personal life, so you need to be straight with yourself.

  1. What brings you your greatest joy?
  2. What are you most curious about?
  3. Who are the people that light you up and bring you the most joy?
  4. What gifts, talents, and skills come to you naturally?
  5. What are your weaknesses?
  6. What are your strengths?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. What annoys you?
  9. What would you do on a perfect day?

What would you do every day without pay?

Writing Your Personal Purpose Statement

Now that you have explored your purpose, I would like you to use your answers to the questions above to create your personal purpose statement. Your personal purpose statement should be a simple sentence that expresses your values and what you want to share with others through your life’s work. Your fellow dreamers, ideal customers, future business partners, mentors, and colleagues should be able to easily remember your personal purpose statement. If I had to guess, I’d say that Richard Branson’s personal purpose statement is “to build brands that allow others to experience life as an adventure.” I think that the musically talented Adele’s purpose statement is “to reflect the world’s emotion through music” and that the late Steve Job’s personal statement was “to create a future forward world through technologies.” My own purpose statement is “to create platforms that allow people to activate their purpose and empower their dreams.”





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