Ultimate guide to Facebook Advertising


Have you already failed once at Facebook marketing? Have you spent months
tweeting, blogging, posting videos, and updating status messages without putting
an additional dollar in your pocket? Are you worn out on social marketing?
Don’t despair, this book is not about “tweeting your way to fame and fortune.”

It’s not about blogging for 12 cents an hour. And it’s not about posting
Facebook status messages with no objective other than the desperate hope of
somehow attracting tons of fans and becoming rich and famous.
Have you been trying “social marketing” and finding yourself worn out, tired,
and broke? Then this book is for you. It is about advertising, paid advertising.
Paying for a click and getting more money as a result. Specifically, it is about
paying for advertising on one of the greatest advertising platforms ever created
—Facebook. Learn to play the game of paid Facebook advertising well and your
life will never be the same.

Can paid advertising on Facebook get more money into your pocket? Bring more
customers through your door? Is it worth the time? Should you start today?
This book addresses your bottom line. Facebook changed the rules for selling
online. And for some businesses, Facebook is not only a place where you should
advertise, it is the place where you should advertise first. A dramatic shift.
For 10 years, whenever people asked us about where to start marketing on the
internet, we had a simple proven answer: Google AdWords. Smart businesses
learned how to refine marketing funnels, craft calls to action, and set baselines
first with Google AdWords. Perry Marshall wrote the number-one-selling book
on Google advertising. Google was fast, effective, and reliable, and always the
easiest place to start.
But Google grew more competitive. Then Facebook advertising broke the
rules. Facebook provides a different and powerful new channel to reach
customers. Some businesses should start with Facebook. Alternately, Facebook
paid advertising may not be a good place for your business at all. This book will
help you decide which path to take and show you if paid advertising on
Facebook is right for your business.
If you decide Facebook advertising is for you, this book will teach you how to
write and bid ads and how to turn your clicks into sales. We will tell you if you
are better off starting with Facebook paid advertising, before AdWords or other
search-and-content advertising, and we will show you how to squeeze the
maximum value out of your hard-earned advertising dollars.


Paid advertising on Facebook requires a fundamentally different mindset from
search-engine marketing on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Top-level achievers in
paid search advertising may also dominate Facebook, but if you use the same
approach as you do in search, you will likely grow discouraged, fail, and miss
the real Facebook opportunity.
There is a life-changing benefit waiting for those who learn how to advertise
on Facebook. The techniques you will learn in this book on sociographic
targeting and right angle marketing are the grad school of advertising. This book
will help you take your advertising techniques to an entirely new level.
And, you can use what you learn from Facebook on your other advertising
campaigns. One technique alone reliably improved opt-ins 11% on a traditional
landing page—with one extra sentence in the third paragraph! This technique
requires the data Facebook freely provides but you won’t find any other place.

This book will help you decide within a few minutes if paid advertising on
Facebook could provide a large source of traffic for your business. Our self-
assessment makes it totally clear if paid Facebook advertising will be a good
source for leads. We also provide a second assessment—“Should I Start First on
Facebook?”—to determine if you are better off using Facebook advertising as
one of your first ways to advertise your product.
Sorry Google AdWords, you are no longer the default first choice for paid
advertising! This is a good thing. Businesses everywhere should be delighted to
have solid alternatives. It helps every business owner sleep easier to have
multiple sources of customers.
If Facebook paid advertising is a good fit for your business, we will teach you
how to get your first ad in front of up to 600 million Facebook users in less than
10 minutes.
You will discover how to build an effective end-to-end marketing and sales
campaign using Facebook pages and how to turn that first click into an actual
sale and maybe even a relationship that lasts for years.
There are many reports in Facebook to help you track your progress. The
reports guard the secrets for generating cash in the Facebook machine; when
studied carefully, they reveal amazing ways you can minimize the cost of your
Not only do we teach you where these reports are and how to read them, we
also teach you why you should care.