Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords


If you’re brand-new to
Google AdWords and you’re
just getting started, you MUST
read this short section first.

OK, now that you’ve done that, let me
tell you how to go about learning
AdWords. Please pay attention.
If you’re a rank beginner . . .
There’s an old saying, “You can’t learn
to ride a bicycle at a seminar,” and it
definitely applies to AdWords. AdWords
and really everything you ever do in
direct marketing is hands-on. It’s not
theory. It’s real-world. It’s school-of-
hard-knocks. When AdWords was brand new, there were lots of inexpensive clicks and you could find your way by making lots of cheap mistakes.
Those days are over. Today that
strategy will get you killed.
When you open a Google AdWords account, go ahead and enter your keywords, write some ads, and set some bid prices. It’s OK if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’ll learn.
The first couple of chapters of this book will show you exactly how to do it. But here’s the most important thing of all:


How to Force Prospects to Choose
Your Site and Buy from You, Not Your Competition.

Google gets searched more
than 1 billion times every day.

That’s 720,000 searches a
Google can bring thousands of
visitors to your website 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a
year . . . whether you’re taking
a shower, eating breakfast,
driving to work, picking up your
kids at school, taking a phone
call, sleeping, sitting on the
commode, daydreaming, busting
your butt to beat a deadline, hasing some customer, typing
an email message . And it can all happen on
autopilot: 100 percent predictable
and completely consistent, like
Ten or 15 years ago, an impossible
dream . . . today, a reality.
Just think of the lengths to which we
entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales people go just to get a company off, the ground, just to get a sale. I could recount in agonizing detail the years of my life I spent pounding the phone, pounding the pavement, making cold calls. Renting trade show booths, going to no-show appointments, booking meetings that were a total waste of time.
But not anymore. I don’t go to them
anymore; customers come to me. It’s been that way so long, I’m very much used to it now.
They’ll come to you, too.
Getting new customers is a real
grind for a lot of people. It’s the
number-one obstacle to starting a new business. But all that can be a thing of the past. Instead of your chasing customers, they can now come to you, all
day and all night.