Social Media Infidelity

Social Media Infidelity

I have discussed with women and men who often tell me that infidelity on social media isn’t infidelity. As long as you are doing and saying those things you can’t say or do to another in the presence of your spouse, you are living in infidelity. Social media is a world on its own and whatever you do here shows who you truly are.

What is your inbox like? Are you one of those married men asking girls to send you nude pictures? Are you one of those who engage all kinds of girl’s inbox and even lie to them about your marital status? Are you one of those who are married but their profile says “in a relationship”? Are you one of those shameless men who tell other women how fat or skinny your wife is and how bad she is in bed?

Woman, you engage all kinds of men (married and unmarried) on social media and open up to them about your sex life with your spouse and how bad he performs. My dear, is this man a counselor? Is he your husband’s spiritual leader or biological father?

Sir/Ma, whatever you cannot do in the presence of your spouse, stay off it on social media. Give your spouse the respect he or she deserves.

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