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The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams. Permit me to show you Ways to Make Money While You Sleep. Would you believe if someone might tell you that most of what you had learned in schools about money was wrong? Do you find it inconceivable that schools could be teaching you the wrong things about money? While the school has taught us many correct things, allow Jerome Udoh to reveal to you more Hidden Truths School Has Never Taught You How to Be Rich before this turns out to destroy your destiny and dreams.

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Let me start by asking you a very important question – Are you creating the life of your dreams or are you just reacting to it? This question gets to the heart of whether you are living by design – meaning you are the creator of your life. Or, whether you are living your life by default, just reacting to what life throws at you.

If you’re like every other red-blooded human being on this planet, then the thought of making money while you sleep has definitely crossed your mind. However, as cliché; as it might sound or as unattainable as it might seem, actually making money, literally while you’re sleeping, is not only possible, it’s most certainly doable.

Yet, we’ve all been through what David Sharpe has coined as the guru gauntlet. Everyone thinks that making money online, while you’re in a restful slumber, is just a dream that can never actually be realized. However, it’s clearly not. In fact, not only are people doing it all around the world, but the scale of those doing so is increasing rapidly.


Your boss pays you N30,000 per month. Now let’s assume that you decided to save all without touching a dime, it would take you 36 months to make N1million. (Did I hear you say 3years?)
On the other hand, if you can convince an organization like Dangote Group to print and supply 5000 umbrellas to them (to be used as souvenirs) and you make just N200 profit per umbrella, in just one day you must have made N1million.
What about becoming a billionaire, that is where it gets crazy!
Now let’s increase your pay to N1,000,000 per month and you decide to save all without touching a dime. In a year, you must have saved N12million. It would take about 84years before you can make a N1billion. (Please subtract your current age).
Again, Nigeria has a population of about 200 million people, if you can supply salt to just 12million people once in a month and you make just N200 from each person supplied, in one year, you must have made N2.9billion.
This shows that to become rich, you have to stop talking to bosses and start talking to clients.
Divide your SALARY by 30 days and see what you get (i.e. the number of days in a month and see the funny thing about your salary plan).
An average level-12 worker in the state government civil service earns NGN 60,000. And this translates to NGN 60,000÷30= NGN 2,000 every day. This is less than the amount made daily by an average hawker in the city.
A freshly employed graduate banker in most Nigerian banks earns an average of NGN120,000 monthly.
So every month, you get NGN120, 000÷30= NGN4, 000 as the daily value for your work-life. By implication, this is LESS THAN the amount earned daily by an average driver in the city and in some villages…
If you are a fresh graduate employee in some oil companies, you earn an average of NGN300,000 monthly. So in a day, your work-value is NGN300, 000 ÷ 30= NGN10,000.

This is less than the daily amount earned by an irrigation farmer supplying vegetables to Lagos markets, a tipper car driver supplying sand for three block industries and construction sites just 3 times a day, and drivers of Dangote trucks who have bought off the trucks at scrap value and vase using them to convey products between villages and the cities for just five business owners.
And when there is an issue in the family that requires financial assistance, the drivers, hawkers, and the rest are looking up to you with a white-collar job.
 if you are an NYSC member, you don’t need to be told that: NGN19,800÷30 = NGN 660 is your worth on a daily basis, the above figure is the current amount paid to youth copper in my country as at the time of writing this book.
I hope you know that pure water sellers who own a shop, a pepper soup joint,
and a small Toyota Corolla car to distribute pure water to five restaurants earn more than you and Wheel-Barrow Pushers working on contract for three warehouses probably make more money than you each day.
Wake up and be more productive. We should be more proactive, create room for more income and strive to diversify our streams of income.
The earlier you wake up and smell the coffee, the better for you.
Someone right now will say this analysis is too ideal to be true but take your time and do it, you will grasp the crux!!!
STOP waiting for the Government to feed you, feed yourself and help the Government feed others. That is where we are in this age.
I wish you an entrepreneurial mindset. Think entrepreneurship it pays. Dream Big you must make it in life.
It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the underlying qualities that define your purpose. In this exercise, answer the following 10 questions as fully as possible. Your answers may relate to your current position, but they may also come from entirely different areas of your life. It’s important that you be honest. You’re assessing your interests and your ability to make big changes in your professional and personal life, so you need to be straight with yourself.

  1. What brings you your greatest joy?
  2. What are you most curious about?
  3. Who are the people that light you up and bring you the most joy?
  4. What gifts, talents, and skills come to you naturally?
  5. What are your weaknesses?
  6. What are your strengths?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. What annoys you?
  9. What would you do on a perfect day?
  10. What would you do every day without pay?

Writing Your Personal Purpose Statement

Now that you have explored your purpose, I would like you to use your answers to the questions above to create your personal purpose statement. Your personal purpose statement should be a simple sentence that expresses your values and what you want to share with others through your life’s work. Your fellow dreamers, ideal customers, future business partners, mentors, and colleagues should be able to easily remember your personal purpose statement. If I had to guess, I’d say that Richard Branson’s personal purpose statement is “to build brands that allow others to experience life as an adventure.” I think that the musically talented Adele’s purpose statement is “to reflect the world’s emotion through music” and that the late Steve Job’s personal statement was “to create a future-forward world through technologies.” My own purpose statement is “to create platforms that allow people to activate their purpose and empower their dreams.”

The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams
The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams


One day when I was a little boy of 13 years, I stood alone on the football pitch in my High School and asked myself, “Why is it that everyone is talking about the job, job, and job?”
I was a little boy in Junior High School 3 yet, I was wondering why school and society were teaching (or only brainwashing) everyone to love jobs.
I asked myself, “Why should I become an employee if I can become an entrepreneur?” Why should school teach me how to work for other people, if “she” could teach me how to work for myself?
Because I was a little boy (and the last child in my family of 6th) I had no courage to ask my siblings any questions as regards my confusion. However, I started my first major business when I was a boy of 13.
It was a snail business. I will go to the entire compound of ours and the neighboring compound at night with my lantern in search of snails some white some black. I will take it to the market the following market day and sell it out, using that money to buy bread and groundnut to sell at home. At the age of 15 years, I started another two major businesses which was the pork meat business. I will import pigs from northern Nigeria, cut them into pieces, and sell them in part to my customers even when I was still in junior secondary school. The business was profitable so much then because one grown-up pig then was three thousand nairas to five thousand (N3000-5000). I run the business during the weekend I made money from it using that money to buy a bicycle which was my only source of transportation then due to where I leave then, the distances from where I operated my business, and where I was schooling. I also started a bicycle renting business. I bought a bicycle for ₦2,500. I would take my bicycle to an open field after school and at weekends for my mates to rent and pay me. I started making money and the whole thing looked so nice. I eventually stop the business of both the bicycle and the pigs selling business because the debt was too much because of that I was dragging backward in my studies from 1st or 2nd position in class to 4th position. You may be wondering why I did all this when I have siblings and parents, but that will go beyond the scope of this book.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I lost my Dad 1994 when I was only two years old knowing nothing then than playing around with my father’s grave sand with much excitement without knowing it was actually my father’s burial that day. Both parents were subsistence farmers as such when I lost my dad my mother did nothing else than to continue farming. Let me stop there till when you read my autobiography. But I will not fail to inform you that I train myself from secondary, college, and to university, I found myself today.
I sold my second business when I was around 16 and started another business, this time, a photography business which I use to sponsor myself in school at the secondary level. Throughout community secondary school Ikot Ewa Effiom, Akpabuyo L.G.A. Cross River State. I was the only student then, particularly in that school that was given the mandate to do business within the school environment because I was courageous enough to let the principal and teachers know about it that I send myself to the school on my own. At age 18, I had started more than 4 businesses of my own.
At age 17, that was 2009, I wrote my WAEC and I started another business which I am still running till today. Mobile phone business and repairs. Though I remained one of the best students in school, when I was 23 years, I started college after National Diploma which I completed with project defense, 6 months later, I left school and promised my family never to return again.
You’ll like to ask me, “Jerome, why did you leave school?”
Well, I left school because I was (and still) convinced that school does not give the right education needed for anyone to be rich and successful.
I was seriously frustrated with the way the educational system is. One of the most reasons why I left was after I was given an admission letter to start my course of study as a computer science student at the college of health and technology Calabar, CRS, in 2015 and lectures commence, in 2016 we started hearing that our department is yet to be accredited in the school, as such that they will do everything possible to make sure that it will be accredited before we graduated from the school. I did my best as a student till I finish my stays there without any carryover course but till today as am writing this book the school has not been given accreditation to run the department as such I am yet to collect my result as well. Hope you can see with me why I will address the school system as stupid.
The hidden truth is; the present school system was not designed to give anyone an education. It was designed to brainwash, castrate and deceive you to be a slave of the rich through jobs.
If as you read these words, you’re poor, it’s because you’ve spent so many years in schools and got no relevant education.

If today you’re unemployed, lonely, and frustrated, it’s because the school did not give you an education.
In this chapter and all through this book, I’ll prove to you (as against what you were made to believe) that school doesn’t give education.
I’ll also show you how to easily get the right education that would make you rich and successful.
(Don’t close this book until you read the last word)
Now Let’s Get Deep!
“Education is a private matter between the world of knowledge and experience, and has nothing to do with school or college.”
__Lillian Smith
Go out today and ask 100 adults what they think education is. Ninety-eight of them would tell you, “to get a good education, you need to have a university degree(s)”.
Is that true?
Is school or university the source of education?
Well, I’ll agree with you that school gives education if you think education is about teaching our children how to be weak, dependent and servants of the rich through jobs.
School has deceived our young children to love jobs. School deceives our young adults to dream of being employees. School brainwashes everyone to believe it’s better to work for a bank than to build a bank, and you call this education?
No. True education is about power. True education is about independence. True education is about freedom. To be educated is to be able to create your life the way you want it to be.
I knew a man of more than 50 years of age who claimed to be a Charted Accountant, but he bought his car on credit and lived in a one-room apartment.
Do you think such a man is educated?
I heard the story of a man who has a Master’s degree but working as a secondary school teacher and earning what cannot even feed him comfortably.

Do you think such a man is educated?
No. Captivity and poverty are signs of illiteracy. If you’re educated, you’re free and rich.
However, if school has successfully deceived you to work all your life (for the rich) and retire poor, how do you call that education?
“Education doesn’t have anything to do with your certificate”.
Don’t be deceived. Your degree is a mere decorated paper (just a paper). Education is about your mind, your brain and what you can do with it. If you cannot use your mind to create wealth, success and your desired life, how then can you prove you’re educated?
How much respect do you have for poor professors?
Who do you respect most, a poor professor who cannot feed himself or a millionaire primary school drop-out?
The True Meaning of Education
Wait a minute!
Let’s take a moment to find out the meaning of the word “education”. This is very important because until we know the meaning of a word, we can’t understand its usage.
Education is an English word that originated from the Latin word, “educo”.
Educo means, “To develop from within”, to grow in mind, to have power. Let us check a dictionary.
www.Dictionary.comdefines education as follows;
“The act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself
Education is about knowledge, but not just that. Education is about developing the powers within your mind. Not just that. Education is about preparing for the future.
Now I wish to ask you; do you think school prepared you for real life? Do you think school prepared you (yesterday) for your today?

If school prepares us for real life, why do we get out of school to be frustrated by poverty, unemployment, and jobs we hate doing?
If school prepares children for the future and teaches them how to be employees (in the world where no job exists), isn’t that stupid?
How can schools claim to be giving education and after brilliant and hardworking people spend 20-30 years in the classrooms they become poor, frustrated, and hopeless?
If a school claims to be giving education__ which means to prepare us for the future, then school teaches all of us how to look for jobs (that is nowhere to be found), does this make any sense to you?
This is like, your father calls you one Saturday morning and says, “My son, there will be a civil war very soon in this country and I want to prepare you for the battle”, then your father starts teaching you how to fight with arrows and swords (in the 21st Century).
Does this make any sense to you?
Does it make sense to be trained how to fight with swords in the 21st Century? Yet, that’s exactly what our present school system is doing. Unfortunately, most people are still worshipping the STUPID school system.
Knowing how to fight with arrows was a great thing in the 14th Century. Knowing how to fight with swords was a great thing in the 15th Century. Knowing how to fight with swords or arrows is useless in the 21st Century. If you want to fight today, the least weapons you can learn how to use are rifles.
Do you understand my parable?
Being an employee in the last 100 years was a great thing. Going to school to learn how to work for banks in the last 70 years was also a good idea.
Schooling, thinking, or planning your future on jobs today is a foolish idea. What school is teaching today (how to be an employee) was then very good.

Going to the university and having good grades was enough to give you a good life (or at least make you live comfortably) some 100 years ago, but not now again.
What was good is no better. Why? Because life has changed.
The Origin & Purpose of School
The question I expect every one of us to ask is, “When was this present school system created and for what purpose?”
Answering these simple questions will give us a new light.
Education has been in the world’s system for as long as man lives on the planet Earth. Adam and Eve must have instructed Abel and Cain about what is good or evil before Abel knew how to give God the best. That was an education.
Egypt was in the past the most educated country in the world. Socrates was a teacher to Plato in what you can consider a “school”.
Plato is considered the father of modern education as he was the founder of the first institution of higher learning in the western world (the Academy in Athens).
Aristotle was a student of Plato and Alexander the Great a student of Aristotle. This is to tell you that educational systems have been in existence since man started living on Earth.
However, education as the likes of Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates promoted was not a system that teaches the whole world to be servants to the rich through jobs. In fact, it was the opposite.
Education was designed to make students have better minds. Education was designed to make students become better thinkers.
Education was designed to make students independent, vibrant, and creators of their desired lives, until in the 19th Century when we entered the industrial age.
This is what happened…

Human beings finally discovered how to produce things with machines. Mass production of everything was getting started. Several industries were springing up and they needed thousands and hundreds of thousands of people to work in their factories.
There was a sudden need for the rich to train the poor how to work in their factories and be paid “handsomely” for doing so.
That was a problem and the solution was simple. “Let’s design an educational system that will train children how to work in the factories”
That was what gave birth to our present educational system. The objective of the present school system was to create laborers (just laborers), nothing else.
Fast forward to today
About two Centuries after the industrial revolution, we’ve entered another age, the age of computers, the age of automation, the age of artificial intelligence.
Though 20 Century’s companies needed thousands and hundreds of thousands of employees to run their businesses, today’s companies need just tens and hundreds of people.
A single computer or technology today can do the work of 100 (or even 1,000) people.
This is my question to you.
If today’s industries no longer need hundreds of thousands of laborers, why do schools keep on training people to be laborers?
If the new economy needs people who can think, create and invent change, why do we keep on training our children how to obey instructions?
I may be wrong, but I have an opinion.
One and half Centuries ago, we needed hundreds of thousands of people to operate our companies and the economy, so it did make sense to teach our children how to be employees.
Today, we have invented thousands of technologies that help us to run our companies, does it still make sense to brainwash our children to love jobs?

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What the present school system is giving is NOT education.
If it’s education, it would prepare children for the future. If it’s education, it would not teach every child to be a laborer.
I call it deception.
When I mention “school” in this book, don’t be mistaken by thinking I am talking about schools in Nigeria alone. No. Most school systems all over the world (including that of the US, UK) are not helping this generation any longer.
Imagine a country with 65% of its citizens having college debts because the jobs they got after expensive college cannot pay the money, they used to get the so-called “education”?
Isn’t that stupid?
Imagine a country with over 1.3 TRILLION dollars in debt for the “education” that was designed to make them dumb?
The above two instances are about the United States of America. That’s to tell you that even the best of schooling, in the best of schools could be stupid.
Preparing children to be employees in a world where hundreds of millions of people are already unemployed is what I call brainwashing.
True education is about tomorrow while school is about yesterday.


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The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams

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The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams
The Make Money Online Article of Your Dreams

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Courses in our foundation

  1. How to Design a Website on your own and make money designing for others
  2. Video Editing Course
  3. Complete Digital Marketing Training.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Course

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