Top 10 Websites To Download Nollywood Movies In 2021

When the checklist of the very best movie producing nation was revealed in 2015, Nollywood was rated second after Bollywood which was the first. Nigerian films are watched worldwide and that is why lots of people are looking for websites where they can download some of the Nigerian movies that interest them.

Nicely, there are a whole bunch of internet sites where Nigerian movies can be downloaded but in order not to get into the wrong website, we have listed here the top ten websites where Nigerian movies can be downloaded comfortable at the comfort of your room with your smartphone or laptop. Now read along to find out about these websites.


BuzzNigeria brings to you at the comfort of your zone the newest Nigerian films that can be either seen or downloaded from their website. The portal is very popular and their movies are always up to date with the current or recent ones.

You can easily navigate this Nigerian movie platform to download your desired Nigerian movie.



On the checklist of top sites to download Nigerian movies is the TVNolly. On TV Nolly, you can have total access to trending Nollywood movies. TV Nolly has tracts in different places such as Ghana, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and China.

On TVNolly you’re also allowed to either stream and download any of the available Nigerian movies. Virtually speaking, you can find the Nollywood movie you want on the TV Nolly platform.



This is without doubt one of the best platform for downloading Nigerian movies. It was nicknamed African Netflix due to its capability to upload quality movies. It was founded by Jason Njoku and was launched in 2011. Users can watch from their website and download for free.

They’ve developed a Mobile App for their users to install, to watch, and to obtain hundreds of movies at their comfort with any device. The Iroko TV platform is designed with a friendly user interface, such that you would not bored surfing through the website.



This platform was created by Blessing Idornigie. Hundreds of Nigerian movies are made available on the Ibaka Tv platform for download.

You’ll be able to undergo 15000 hours of movies. Like Iroko TV, they’ve Mobile App which is available on iOs and Android. It has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube which made them YouTube’s biggest premium partner in Africa. They do not only have the movies you want, but their database is stocked with trending and exciting Nollywood products.

Web site:


Naijapals was founded in 2007 as a social network and an entertainment neighborhood. Excessive-quality Nollywood movies can be downloaded from this platform. It gives you access to lots of movies that are too long.

As an entertainment group, you can get a feel or review of a movie earlier than you download it. You’ll hardly download a movie that isn’t interesting to you. The latest News can also be read from this platform.



It’s an online news and entertainment platform, on which you may get trending music, videos, music lyrics, trending news, and so on. You can download music, Nigerian movies, Hollywood, Bollywood simply and they upload a recent and high quality video.

You possibly can have the best feel of your leisure killing boredom with the funny skits arraigned on the CodedWap website.




On Nolly Land, you may watch lots of Nigerian movies and others produced by different countries. This platform requires that you open an account before you can access the movies on the platform. As soon as you are registered, you can have access to their website to download any movies of your choice.

It’s a good fellow to be with if you end up bored and you need some good Nigerian movies to keep you entertained. If you choose the mobile app, you can have an identical experience as when you go through their website.



Actual Nolly TV is a web-based movie platform on which you’ll download interesting Nigerian movies. It is pretty easy to access Nigerian movies on this platform and an interesting fact is that you can make a request for your favorite movie on the site.

On the Real Nolly TV website, you must be registered before you get access to watch or download movies. Well, what are you waiting for since the registration is free?



There are several forms of videos that you can find on this platform. The kind of movies found in this platform are Nollywood films, foreign movies, comedy clips, movie trailers, and sports clips.

Probably the most fascinating part is you could download movies from this platform free of charge. Sadly, the ads on this website are usually much; they keep popping and interrupting from time to time. But when you can block the ads, you have all the way. They also do well in uploading recent news and updates.



With the name alone, it implies that they upload Nollywood movies and News. The movies are all original and not plagiarized or gone through piracy because Nollywood is against it.

Downloading movies on this platform is very affordable. But then, registration is required before you start downloading. You will also be requested to use your debit card or ATM card as some of you may call it to buy the movie of your choice. You can undergo the movie and download it if necessary.



Having toured the totally different websites where you can download Nigerian movies, I am certain that at this point you have learned enough as to carry you through your entertainment journey.

Nevertheless, I will only leave you with the hope that you loved this article. Of course, you should know that this is opinion-based. If you know any other top website where you can download Nollywood movies, please feel free to drop it in the comment box.

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