It is without any storm of doubt that men don’t play with their stomach. This must be the understanding of every woman that is entering a man’s house for marriage. Where a woman does not have this fact at the back of her mind while she is entering a man’s life or house as wife she is bound to have a big problem in marriage. No man plays with his stomach. It is naturally in them that they may be ready to quarrel or even fight somebody where their stomach is not at any given time offered what it deserves or demands. This may not be applicable to all men but majority of them have this nature, do I call it fault?

Frankly speaking, one scarcely see a husband who whether he eats or not doesn’t mind. Many men I know will always tell you that they don’t play with their stomach and wouldn’t want anyone to play with it for them. They say this to mean that their feeding is very important to them than many things people may consider so. It is only a woman that understand this that can make a good and successful marital relationship with a man. To be candid it is not every woman that understand this language of men’s stomach. Women who understand this language don’t struggle to have their husbands heart in their palms because this is a very big secrete to have a permanent space in a man’s heart.

A wife is like a mother to her husband that serving her food is very important in every marital relationship. A man coming back home among other things will expect that the wife will serve him food. With this notion, a man retiring to his house after journey or at the end of the day will strongly believe that his hunger will be addressed immediately he sees the wife at home. This particular man coming back home seeing his hope dash in the floor will feel disappointed in the wife. Do you know that some men immediately they come back home will first of all ask those around the where about of their wives? Most of them do this so as to feel the presence of their wives in the home while they have come back home.  

In this chapter we will be treating what husbands complain about how their wives give them food. At the end of this chapter it is expected that wives will learn their lesson and begin to satisfy their husbands in the care of food and feeding very well.  

  • Delay in Preparing Food

In our society today we have men who don’t like how their wives give them food. Many of these men complain that there used to be much delay before food is served them by their wives. Some of these men say that food reaching them many at time they want to eat experience such delay.  We have husbands who complain that any time they sit down and adjust their belt to be served food; the food will stay so long on the way before it reaches the table that has already been arranged before them. These men say that this make them to become angry before taking their food. Food being delayed before it gets to the table for man to begin to eat makes husband unhappy. They see it that this delay is caused by their wives. They said that sitting down and have their belt adjusted to wait so long before their food arrives at the prepared table at times make eat their food with annoyance. Some of them do say that food after staying so make them angrier or more annoyed. Some of them bitterly complain and say that despite that the food most at times takes time before it arrives sometimes it arrives tasteless.   

We have men who complain that water to wash their hands for swallow used to equally wait long before the arrival of the food itself. This means that water for washing hands sometimes wait alongside with them.

There are wives that stay longer than others in preparing and serving their husbands food. These women spend not less than three or even four hours before they could finish preparing a pot of soup that on normal circumstances will not take more than two hours. In this case, a man waiting to be served with swallow, he will become hungry, angry and probably fall sick. As a result of this delay some men deliberately out of annoyance sometimes refuse eating their wives’ food. Some of them due to their impatience to wait till the food is done will go out to stores and shops to look for something else to eat. Let me ask this question now, singles and married people in-between the two who normally prepare food quicker than the other? Another question like this, in this men and women which in-between the two prepare and serve food quicker or faster than the other? Thirdly if you enter a food Centre where only men prepare and serve food which-in between the two will someone who is seriously hungry enter and be served food quicker or faster?

Wives must know that a hungry man is an angry man. They must know that having delays in making food reach the table irritates men. A man after adjusting his belt with the mind that within seconds or three or three to five minutes his food will be on the table to go on waiting up to twenty to thirty minutes makes a man temporarily mad. A husband believing that food is coming asked a friend to wait for them to eat together just to discover that the wife has makes a man disappointed and unhappy with himself and the wife.

A husband rushing back home and sitting down for food to be served him with the next five minutes to discover that it will take next one hour for him to have his food before him makes man to at times talk like an angry-mad person. “your food will soon be ready” that makes meals arrive at the table after two to three hours irritates husbands. “How far? we are coming” that makes a hungry man wait for two hours more before he eats make man to develop anger over the wife. No man feels happy having his food delayed before he eats.

A woman knowing the time the husband will come back home for his meal must do everything to prepare the food ahead of time. When cooking, a woman has to do fast to have the husband eat within the time he is hungry. Delaying to prepare and serving a hungry man food before he eats is not advisable at all for this may lead him to become an emergency mad man that will have everyone in the house. Women must have reason they delay serving husbands food anytime such has to be done but the advice here is that they must always be fast to have the husbands eat whenever they are hungry or would want to eat if and only if you wish to have his heart with you permanently.    

  • Lack of Good Knowledge of Cookery

Cookery is part of womanhood. Any woman who doesn’t know how to cook still has much to lean. Many men’s heart is in good food. Good food given to a man by the wife makes a woman to have unhindered access to the heart of the husband. Whatever is difficult for a husband to give or do for the wife can easily be done when a man has taken good food from the wife who is knowledgeable enough in cookery has the heart of the husband in her palms. A man who is resisting giving a wife a particular thing can without any stress be made to do so after eating the palatable and delicious food of the woman.

In the process of eating good food prepared by a man’s wife, the man can agree or make promises that will be difficult for him to keep or fulfill after eating the food. Good food gladdens men’s hearts.

Any man’s heart that cannot be softened by the good food of the wife has a big problem to be solved. There are men whose wives have keys to their heart through their good food. In the process of enjoying good and palatable food, sometime husbands let out from their hearts to give wives what they initially and strongly vowed not to tell them. We have men whose love for their wives hinge around the good food their wives prepare and serve them. Immediately they take their wives meal their anger will subside or totally go. Good food is medicine of its own. Many a time it has been seen and served as medicine to the heart. It is not only the heart merry. Good food served in many fund-raising programs many a time produces good result of people donating beyond their original plan expectation.

In all we have said above about sweet of good food and what it serves, do you know that there are wives that do not know how to cook well? Do you doubt it? Don’t, because there have been cases of marital problems caused by ignorance of cooking by wives. There are women that cannot cook and their husbands will happily eat their food. These women have many excuses and reasons they cook the way they do. Some of them will shift the blame of their not knowing how to cook to one thing or the other. We have women that if you ask them to make stew for their husband to eat yam, they won’t know how to do that or go about it. Some of these women do not know the difference between the stew to take rice and the one eat yam. 

Not knowing how to cook well is a minus to any woman involved. A woman always preparing tasteless food is very bad as men in general don’t like it and if you are such, you may never win a man’s heart.

There are women who say that why they don’t cook well is because they are not being given enough money to prepare good food. Is this excuse acceptable? Please, as a wife prepare good food base on the amount of Money given to you by your husband. A person who doesn’t know how to cook well can be given a very large amount of money yet the individual will not prepare good food. On the other hand, a good cook can be given a little amount of money and at the end she will serve good and satisfactory food. As a woman if you don’t know how to cook, please begin to learn it now. You can even at this your age enter a catering school. Where that may be difficult for you to do, you can locate someone you know he or she knows how to cook well and learn from him or her. There is nothing wrong for a woman to go to somebody she knows that cooks well and learn from him or her. If you do this to have your husband splashed over your food, it is not a big deal.

I advise that mothers form the attitude of teaching their daughters how to cook well. Many wives who don’t know how to cook well never had times in those days of their single-hood to learn from their mothers. Sometimes knowing how to cook originates from people family background. A mother who cooks well teaching the daughter how to cook well gets to any length in producing women who know how to cook well in their husband house.

  • Attitude of Laziness Towards Cooking

There are men who complain that their wives are too lazy to prepare food for them. These men say that they don’t eat whatever they want to eat in their houses because their wives are too lazy to cook for them. We have men who complain that there is always food in their house but the problem has always been its cooking or preparation. They say so because cooking is like telling their wives to trek three kilometers. Some husbands do complain that their wives many a time lie down from morning till night without lightening their stoves or gas-cookers to cook or prepare foods. This is what many men don’t like. It is good for a woman to prefer taking tea in the morning, afternoon and night to love eating can food than entering their kitchen to boil water and prepare “garri” or any other kind of food.

A woman who shows laziness in cooking is very big indictment on womanhood. Men hate discovering that their wives show laziness towards cooking. Women are known for cookery that if you are a woman at all. One of the things with which a woman enters her husband house is the ability and willingness to cook. A woman that lacks the willingness to cook has a big problem. This had brought about some marriages having problems and some ending in divorce.

As a wife therefore, it is your duty to cook or prepare food for your husband. This duty of yours must not totally be shifted to someone else even if you have many maids. A woman that has many maids should from time to time enter the kitchen herself and cook or prepare food for her husband. The preparation or coking for a husband by the wife should not totally be left in the hands of paid cooks or house helps.

  • Not Serving Food at The Right Time

Husbands abound that complain that their wives don’t give them food at the right time. This point here is quite different from the ones we have already discussed. We are here talking about time of serving food and not delay in serving food. Men don’t like being served food late. Most men like being given their food at the right time. For one obvious reason or other many husbands demand their meals the time they do so. There are men who will tell you that they don’t have any problem with their wives except that they serve them food behind times.

 A woman who serves her husband food lately, what are your reasons?  I know that when it comes to food and feeding most men don’t know that. when it comes to food and feeding most men don’t understand at all, but what are your reason? A man under normal circumstances should be served food at the time he required it to be done to him. There are women who have the habit of late cooking and food serving, are you one of   them? These women must cook late even if they are at home from morning till night. They must have one reason or the other they cook or prepare food late.  Husbands hate being given their food late. To be candid they hate being given food late as this has caused many problems in various homes.

I must say here that as Christians, we are known with weekly evening church programs. A man with Christians wife must know this as for him to know when his food should be given to him. Asking a woman who has one thing or the other to do in Gods house in some evening to make sure she is serving her husband food at seven o’clock every evening may not be possible to realized.

Husbands must consider that there are evening their wives have one thing or the other to do for the Lord in his house. Knowing this will help a man to know when to ask for his dinner or evening meal.

For Christian women who have unbelieving husbands, they must do everything possible to see that their husbands understand them. Such women can make some arrangement to see that their husbands take food the time they ought to do. A Christian woman can preserve food in the flask for the husband while she attends her evening fellowship in the days she does so. In the evening if you don’t have anything to do in the church you must makes sure your husband eats when he should or would like to do so.  A Christian wife should see if she can be preparing food for the household before going to the church for dismissal to begin to cook or prepare food for the family. Doing this likely help a wife avoid serving the husband food at the time it has become late in the night.

Serving meals with complaint

We have homes that husband is always served meals with complaints by their wives. In these homes whenever a man will adjust his belt. Sit down to eat his food the wife will draw closer to him with one complain or the other. Some women while dropping their husband’s food before them will ate the same time drop with the food a mind-blogging issue, some of these women along the line of them placing their husband’s food on the table. At this time the man will not know whether to first of all listen to the wife complaint or take his first meal. Where the man decided to listen to the wife first, he may after doing that lose appetite of the food place before him. At this the man will no more take his meal with joy where he still decided to take the food. Most women doing this may not know that they are ignorantly and gradually killing their husbands.  

After this, you can come close and let him know that there is something you would want to tell him. If he says ‘go ahead” you can then open up your case or the matter, but where he says allow me for some time” please do so with joy, I mean without taking it that he doesn’t care or listen to hear what disturbs you. Don’t say “look at someone his wife wanted to let him know what happened in the house today. In fact, if you later call me to come and tell you what I wanted to tell you now I won’t come”. This is wrong and an exhibition of ignorance. There are even issues a woman may not disclose to the husband the same day the man come back home after some days of his being absent from the home. Abigail in, the Bible is a positive reference case to every godly woman. She never on the same day made her husband Nabal know what would have befallen him the previous day if they never intervened and friendly obstructed David who was coming for his destruction.                         

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