Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

Let See How it all started for me

In early 2015 I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea of building websites full of free information to help people. After brainstorming a bit, I got a couple of ideas for topics I’m passionate about Relationship and Self-improvement.
My first idea was to post a relationship Advice each day and comment on it. As I explained my idea further to my friend, he told me I would basically have a blog. I didn’t know what a blog was, but I thought, “Oh, OK, sure.”
So, over the next few weeks, I read as much as I could find about blogging and ultimately decided to create a free blog about Relationship advice from a Christian perspective. I’m very interested in helping people with their relationship issues, so blogging seemed like a great way to reach people all over the world.
Over the next couple of months, I started writing articles and officially launched infoking.com.blogspot in June 2015. That was what gave birth to this Facebook page. At this point, I thought about making money from the site but had no idea how and honestly didn’t really think it was possible to make a living at it.

Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

Regardless of what your personal long-term blogging goals are, keep on reading, and I’ll try to help you take the next steps towards reaching them!

Now, back to the reason you came to this post, why do people think blogging is a good idea? Catchy title right? But, it’s an excellent question of what draws people to blogging and why is it so popular? There are a couple of different “bloggers” out there.

With the rise of social media and influencer culture, it seems like blogging has reached its peak. No longer limited to niche hobbies, almost everyone has a blog now in some form or another.

For those of you who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, blogging has its many attractions.

But the truth is, your level of success depends on why and what you’re blogging for.

There are many reasons why you might wish to start a blog and in the same vein, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t.

Let’s look at both sides of the argument:

Note: Need help starting your own blog? Head over to our tutorial on how to start a profitable blog.

Four steps to get started blogging in 10 minutes!

  1. Find a domain name
Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

● Go to bluehost.com and find a domain name that’s available.
● If possible, aim for a domain name that has at least some of the keywords you want people to find in the search engines.

2. Get a domain name and web hosting package

● There are thousands of web hosts out there, but bluehost.com is my favorite for reasons we’ll cover later. Head over to bluehost.com and select either the plan you will love to pay for.
● Then make sure you register the domain you found in the first step.

● Now follow the remaining steps to complete your purchase.

3. Install WordPress (with a little help)

Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

Jump on the phone or use the chatbox with Bluehost.
● When you get someone on the line, just say you want to install WordPress on your blog.
● Whoever you’re talking to will hold your hand and walk you through the process (if not, please check my guide here). When complete ask for the WordPress login information.

4. Login to WordPress

● Once you have the login information, you can go to http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and log in.
● Now that you’re logged in to WordPress, you can begin making changes to your site and/or publish your first post.
If you need more detailed instructions I am happy to offer you FREE access to my step-by-step v course as a thank you bonus for reading up this article.

Blogging basics

I’ll try to boil this down to the essentials. There are whole books written on this subject, so I won’t try to cover everything here. But for a quick, bottom-line version keep reading. Get this book to help you out.

Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?


What is a blog?

According to Wikipedia A blog (a truncation of “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

A blog is short for Weblog. Basically, it’s just a website that has entries listed in reverse chronological order. The original idea behind it was to be an online journal or diary that was updated daily (or as frequently as the writer chose).
During the past decade, many software companies have created programs and blogging platforms to make the process VERY EASY. As the blog writer, depending on which platform you use, you can just type your entry, press submit, and it shows up on your blog for the world to see. Most bloggers don’t know any programming languages and are not “techies,” and these companies know that.
Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways out there to start a website. If you haven’t started one yet, why not try it? It can be very quick to set up and is sometimes completely free.

Is it easy to start a blog?

It’s very easy. Even if there are steps along the way that are confusing, there are plenty of resources to get the help you need. There are more than 20 million blogs in existence, so starting a blog can’t be that difficult. You can always chat me up with the WhatsApp icon beside this page for help.

How much does it cost to blog?

There are many services that allow you to start a blog for free. If you’re just trying out this whole blogging thing, try using one of the free services to get a basic feel for blogging and get your feet wet.
Once you decide you want to stick with it and that you want to make money with your blog, you may want to move up to a self-hosted blog. Anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably find more success with a self-hosted blog. Getting a self-hosted blog probably isn’t free but still can be inexpensive. You need to pay for nothing more than a domain name (about $36/yr) and Webhosting (as cheap as a few bucks a month).

Getting a blogging platform

All three of the options listed below are free. The first two options are the easiest but are also limited on features. If you are just trying to make an extra few hundred dollars from your blog, these options could work. But if you’re really serious about trying to make good money from your blog, try self-hosting your blog (which we talk about in the next section).

Blogger.com – Blogger is very good and easy to set up, and Google owns it. You can customize the theme, and the domain name includes “.blogspot.com.” (In some people’s opinion this is a little less professional.) Blogger continues to become more customizable and currently has a lot more options than it did a few years ago.
WordPress.com – These sites are completely free and easy to set up, and you can customize the theme, but other customizations are limited, domain name includes “.wordpress.com.” The big downside with these sites is that they don’t allow you to place ads on your blog.
WordPress.org – Wait, what’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? To put it simply, WordPress.com is where you go to set up a basic, easy blog with limited features. WordPress.org is where you go to get a self-hosted blog. If you get to the point where you’re serious about blogging and really want to make some money with it, you need to self-host your blog.

How to set up a self-hosted blog

If you plan to use one of the first two free options from the previous section, you can skip this section.
If you’re serious about blogging and looking for the best way to customize your blog’s look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog from WordPress.org is the best way to go. It’s far and away from the top choice for most bloggers. It does require a little more work upfront and does have small costs associated with it: buying a domain name (about $10/year) and hosting your blog (< $10/month).
One of the big advantages is that you can use your own domain name (i.e., yourblog.com). While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s a lot easier for people to remember yourblog.com rather than yourblog.blogspot.com, which is what you get if you use Blogger.
While it’s a little more work on the front end, I’m really glad I got good advice and did this at the beginning, rather than doing it a year or two down the road.

Pick a domain name

Once you choose it, you need to find somewhere to purchase it. I bought my first few domains at GoDaddy.com and have bought the remaining ones from my hosting companies. While GoDaddy is about one of the biggest names out there, I (and many of my peers) have had bad experiences with them; so I wouldn’t recommend using them. Also, it’s often easier just to buy the domain from the hosting company you sign up with since it will almost always simplify the process.

Pick a host for your blog

The web host is the company you pay to store all of your blog files. There are also a million web hosting companies out there. Don’t just look for the cheapest one because a lot of these companies are not very reliable, and your site might be down quite a bit. Try going with a bigger company that has a longer track record and is more established.

Now, I wholeheartedly recommend Bluehost.com over anyone else. The biggest reason is that Bluehost.com has staff available via phone or chat 24 hours a day. This is NOT very common for the cheaper Webhosting companies. You will inevitably run into a problem with your site at some point, and it will comfort you to know you have someone to call when problems arise.

Bluehost.com (As low as $6.95/m)
I hosted a few of my sites with Bluehost, and I had a really good experience. It’s cheap and has
great phone support.

9 reasons you should start a blog

Based on my personal experience, blogging has the potential to open so many doors. Some might come as a surprise, while others need no explanation.

1. To inspire your audience

Being able to inspire an audience through writing is a satisfying feeling. It makes you want to do it all the more. And when people respond to you in positive ways, you generate a portion of influence over them.

As a blogger, you can inspire people in an infinite number of ways.

Imagine using your words to inspire people to:

  • Change their lives for the better
  • Make their days more productive
  • Create something beautiful
  • Help other people

All this is achievable through the power of your blog, so use it wisely.

2. To improve your writing ability

One thing that’s self-explanatory is that starting a blog has a huge impact on your ability to write.

Starting out might feel awkward and even slightly alien. But as you get into the swing of writing, you’ll notice it getting easier. The words will flow with greater efficiency and you’ll develop a style that’s uniquely you.

Through writing often, you’ll also get a good idea of what people respond to. This stretches your creativity, helping you write more about what people love to read. And in turn, that translates into a larger audience.

3. To learn new skills

When I started blogging I did it for the fun of it. I never in a million years imagined I’d learn enough to turn writing into my full-time career.

Blogging can help you learn so many new skills and abilities. Here are some I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Designing for WordPress
  • Writing for different audiences
  • SEO best practices
  • Creating web graphics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Website hosting

It’s not just through the act of building and managing a blog that you can learn. The content you write about also builds your knowledge.

To give you an example, I spent a few years writing about Relationships for a small blog. It’s now a subject I know inside-out that I can use in other areas of my work and personal life.

4. To build your online brand

Along with learning new skills, the more you write about a subject, the more of an authority you become about it. Becoming an authority in your niche helps build your online brand.

By providing value to readers, you’ll soon become recognisable in the community.

You’ll be that blogger everyone goes to. They’ll know your knowledge and advice is worth the effort of seeking out.

Building your brand is a springboard for transforming your blog into something more.

5. To confront your fears

For me, blogging was an effective way for me to break out of my shell. As an anxious introvert, I found it hard to put myself out there and allow my thoughts and ideas to be heard.

Blogging gave me a platform to shout from – a way to confront my fear of being noticed. And in doing so I realised there are people out there just like me.

There are many other ways to use blogging to confront your fears. It can be used to overcome impostor syndrome and feelings of not being good enough. Writing about a topic you’re fearful of can be cathartic and help you work through those emotions.

In fact, many people use blogging as a way to aid in their struggles with mental health. This shows that a blog doesn’t always have to be a meticulously planned venture. Sometimes, it can just be a place to collect your thoughts.

6. To generate an income

This is probably the one point you’re most interested in. Yes, it is perfectly possible to earn a living through your blog, lots of people are doing it.

But while it’s possible, it’s not easy.

Those people you see making a success and a living as bloggers have been honing their craft for years. Through that time they’ve been experimenting and testing things to see what works.

And those years of hustle, go hand-in-hand with long hours of work.

Choosing a profitable niche for your blog is a good place to start. Some are easier to earn money from than others. But, selling your services via your blog requires you to build an audience targeting the people most likely to hire you.

Whichever route you go down, be prepared to work long and hard for it.

7. To meet new people

One thing that can’t be denied, is that starting a blog exposes you to a huge community of new people. For each blogging niche, there is a lively community to go with it.

What’s wonderful about this is it provides a great way for you to meet new, like-minded people. It will be easier to make friends since you share common interests. And, you’ll find blogging communities are not only welcoming but helpful to new bloggers too.

Then there’s the events and meetups held in various communities:

  • WordPress enthusiasts can enjoy the many WordCamps held around the world
  • Unsplash hold local photography walks and meetups
  • Craft blog communities hold regular craft retreats
  • Parent bloggers can enjoy meetups and conferences

Whatever your niche, you can guarantee there’ll be a vibrant community waiting to embrace you.

8. To document your life

Let’s go back to the early days of blogging. A blog was where you would write about the happenings of your every-day life. I think I may even have an old LiveJournal dedicated to just that, hidden away somewhere.

But just because it’s become unfashionable in recent years, doesn’t mean you can’t start a blog for that reason.

Blogging to document your life, is a wonderful way to reflect. Past joys and past mistakes, can all be learned from to some extent. So having somewhere to store those memories, can help you see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned.

Note: Change names and personal details if you’re journaling online. Giving too much personal information away can make you a target for hacking.

9. To land your dream job

In the early stages of starting a blog, your dream job might be simply that – a dream. But the truth is, blogging can be the perfect stepping stone towards the job that will transform your working life.

When I started blogging, I never thought I’d end up working in content marketing. Yet the things I’ve learned throughout my blogging journey, have combined to make that job a reality.

And who knows, from there, it may lead to even greater things.


Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea is as a result of the numerous benefits attach to it as seen above.

First, choose a niche that interests you and make sure you have a clear idea about how you can monetize it.

Then, choose a domain name that works well for your blog topic.

Finally, sign up for a hosting account and register your domain name. I recommend Bluehost, which will cost you just $2.75 / month, with a free domain name included (this is a special offer for my readers).

That’s all you need to do to get started with your blog.

I hope this article has helped you choose the best blogging niche to make money from your blog. You may also want to look at our list of online business ideas to make money, and our article on how to increase your blog traffic.

Visit our e-learning platform to select your choice.

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Why Do People Think Blogging is a Good Idea?

Jerome Udoh is an award-winning information entrepreneur with strong 7-figure online businesses. He has a passion for helping people who are searching for relevant information from the web to solve their day-to-day problems. Remember; knowledge is power. He also likes to write about things in general in his country and all over the world. From money-making ideas to the Latest news and technology. His passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things that he loves to talk about.

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JEROME UDOH is an award-winning information entrepreneur with strong 7-figure online businesses. He has a passion for helping people who are searching for relevant information from the web to solve their day to day problems. Remember; knowledge is power. He also likes to write about things in general in his country and all over the world. From money making ideas such as affiliate marketing program, blogging for cash, website design to Latest news and technology. His passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things that he loves to talk about.

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