Why You’re Not Ranking on Search Engine (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Why You’re Not Ranking on Search Engine (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Why You’re Not Ranking on Search Engine (And How to Fix It) In 2021. Is as a result of these factors: 1 Your Site’s title, 2. Your Domain Name, 3. Meta Description, 4. Your Search description:, So, knowing SEO is a double edge sword, it gets your website or blog approved by a key Ad company and gives you traffic enough to make a decent amount of cash each month to lick your fingers.

I will be as practical as possible and would beg you to forgive my typo (that is an aspect of SEO we will talk about later). This article will cover On-page and Off-Page SEO and view Tips to keep going.

Let’s Begin: Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Your website has loads of simple area that are very vital to help you rank. (Professionally speaking, it would take 3-6 months without spamming to rank, but with good SEO practices, your traffic will increase almost in the first week).

Let me outline some areas you should deal with first.

1 Your Site’s title: it must be short and relevant to your niche.

2. Your Domain Name: must not contain a hyphen or dash, must be short and simple to memorize. example is www. jubass.com

3. Meta Description: Your site will b crawled by search bots and they will check your meta area (the topmost part of your website) for a 150-160 Characters description. Many bloggers leave this part blank, I just write anything. You must use your primary keywords here. (I’ll explain later).

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021
Image result for meta description wordpress

4. Your Search description: different from the meta description but powerful too because when search engines display your site, this description will display under your site address.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021
Image result for Your Search description

5. The use of H1-H6 in your titles and Subtitles:  your website is made up of sections or blocks, each block or section should begin with a title.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

6. The use of Scripts: as beautiful as JavaScript are, you must ensure that all unused scripts are deleted from your site. Bots view a scripted site as potentially dangerous and would flag it sharply.

One major problem of bloggers, especially those from Third World countries is that we think you must show off before you can be recognized.

This is why people die young and your blog is spammed like crazy.

We can build legitimate and less spammy blogs with high ROI by sticking to these simple lessons I will share here.

Finally, SEO isn’t magic, it takes 3-6 months to truly rank in a highly competitive niche with white hat SEO in place. Following these simple steps will increase your organic traffic seriously while you rank gradually.

Now let’s continue shall we?


We have seen six keys, here are the rest:

7. Meta Keyword (not needed by Google but good for SEO): a lot of people think that only post can rank on search, this may be so, but what if I told you your whole site can rank?

Meta keywords are special tags that tell search engines what the topic of your entire site is.

8. Keyword cloud: we know about keywords but sometimes we neglect the frequency (number of times each keyword appears in a post). In SEO you need to use one keyword three time at least in 1000 words; once at the intro, once in the middle and once in the conclusion. This should affect your use of keywords as headings to sections within your site.

Make sure you do your keyword search, and be sure of trending keywords before usage.

9. Keyword Consistency: when you choose a specific keyword, your target is to rank using that keyword. Therefore you should ensure that the keyword(s) appear in the the following areas of the page (post)

1.  page URL,

2. page content,

3. title tag,

4. meta description,

5. header tags,

6.  image alt attributes,

7. internal link anchor text and

8. backlink anchor text.

This ensures your rise to the top page when your keyword is found in the users search criteria.

10. Alt Attributes (Image attribute text): when we optimize our websites for fast loading, you will notice that text loads first, then images and scripts load. Imagine inserting an image with out an alternate text. When there is bad internet, users will see a blank space without any text to tell them what is in that space. Make sure every image you use has an alternate text deliberately labeled with your keyword.

Ranking in Google’s outcomes is easier said than done.

There are hundreds of thousands of different websites making an attempt to steal your rankings and, in some instances, many of those competitors succeed.

Of course, you don’t want them to.

But beating them isn’t a matter of simply publishing content and hoping for the best.

In fact, the people who lose are the people who think that SEO is just that simple.

Fortunately, you know better.

That’s why you’re here, after all.

For instance my point, I typed “how to win at every thing you do” into Google.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021
why you are not rank on google and how to fix the error 2021

How many results came up?

Over 1.9 million.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021
why you are not rank on google and how to fix that issues
Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

That’s a lot of action surrounding a silly key phrase.

Now, how many results actually show on the first page and have a reasonable chance of getting clicked?

Ten results.

That’s it.

Which means you can’t afford to not land on that first page.

Placing in a ton of SEO work and landing even on page two doesn’t just hurt your ego, it hurts your pocketbook.

Unfortunately, the longer a page exists, the higher chance that it’s going to rank in the top ten results of Google’s SERP.

Actually, the typical age of a result ranking in 10th place is 650 days.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

That’s almost two years.

Perhaps, nevertheless, your pages haven’t existed for two years.

The excellent news is that there are some key things you can do (and not do) to help your rankings immediately.

Right here’s the thing: entrepreneurs make a lot of SEO mistakes and those mistakes kill their rankings.

The identical might be happening to you.

Do you are feeling like you’ve done everything right and yet, you’re still not ranking where you ought to be?

Don’t fear.

That’s why I put this seven-point list collectively of the most common ranking errors that marketers make and how to fix each one.

Right here’s the top seven things that are killing your ranking:

  1. duplicate content material
  2. not having a Google My Business page
  3. disregarding social signals
  4. failing to create constant content
  5. ignoring mobile-friendliness
  6. your site isn’t indexed
  7. slow site speed

So, how do you repair these issues? Here’s what you need to know.

Ranking Mistake #1: You Have Duplicate Content material on Your Site

Duplicate content material used to be a site killer. It’s not as essential as it used to be, but it does nonetheless matter.

You don’t need to create content, publish that content material, after which find that your SEO juice is getting split between the unique page and an unintended duplicate page.

That might trigger both pages to rank mediocrely instead of having one page rank exceptionally.

Ideally, you want to mix the SEO juice of those two pages and not go away each to its own devices.

Because right here’s how Google sees duplicate content.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

When that occurs, Google tries to discover the best page…but they could well choose the mistaken page.

It would, for example, choose an HTML page that is meant as the print version.

Then, not only is the link juice split between two different pages, but Google accidentally chose the incorrect page to canonicalize.

All since you didn’t make clear that for Google’s robot.

If you would like to check for duplicate content, you can go here and type in your URL.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Then click the “I’m not a robot” button and click “Carry out check.”

Scroll down and you’ll see your results.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

If you scroll even additional, you’ll be able to see the precise pages which have duplicate content on them.

What do you do if you discover duplicate content on your website?

One of the best thing to do is to use the rel=canonical tag to inform which page Google should rank and attribute all SEO juice.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021
ranking mistakes rel canonical tags

In the event you’re using a WordPress website, there’s a list of plugins that will help you.

When you canonicalize a page, Google will take the entire SEO juice from the duplicates and attribute it to the canonical page.

Which means your original page has a much better probability of ranking.

Ranking Mistake #2: You Aren’t Using Google My Business

In case you’re not yet registered with Google My Business, you’re shedding out on some critical potential.

It’s a simple and free step to take that may actually help your SEO.

Right here’s how it works: Google needs the easiest and quickest way to find and deliver related results.

Selecting Google My Business results accomplishes that.

Plus, having an account tells Google that you care about ranking, your website is up-to-date, and you want to cooperate with their programs.

Google likes that and prioritizes businesses that use Google My Business.

Creating your account is straightforward. Just go to the Google My Business page.

Then click on the “Start Now” button.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Enter your small business name and click “Next.”

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Enter your business address information and your zip code. Then click “Next.”

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Keep following the prompts until you’ve arrived at the end and your account is active.

Eventually, you’ll have to enter more specific business information about what you do, the kind of products you sell, and your target audience.

All of that info will help Google quickly and easily place your business in the correct SERP, so take the time to optimize your Google My Business page.

This is an easy way to rank in Google with very little additional time or effort.

Ranking Mistake #3: You’re Not Leveraging Social Alerts

Are you active on social media?

Numerous businesses have accounts and some even run advertisements on social media.

But how many businesses are actually active with their accounts?

Probably not very many.

Why does all of that matter, though?

Because, believe it or not, your social media accounts help determine how you rank in Google.

If you want to increase your SEO efforts, which you do, then you should stay active on social media and keep your information updated.

Google uses social signals to determine which websites are active, which are stagnant. This tells them which should rank higher.

As you see in the graph below, all of the top results stay exceptionally active on their social media accounts.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

The excellent news is, it doesn’t need to be sophisticated.

Did you publish a blog article? Post on Facebook about it.

Did something interesting occur at work today? Tweet about it.

Capture a humorous picture of an office-hours prank? Post it on Instagram.

The extra that you post on your social accounts, the higher your website will rank.

When you think that you’re doing everything right, but your rankings are still struggling, then social signals might be your answer to a brighter SEO future.

You’ll generate more site visitors and increase your rankings this way.

You can do everything right, but if you don’t have social signals, the website that does will beat you.

Ranking Mistake #4: You Don’t Create Constant Content

Maybe you write and publish a blog post from time to time.

Maybe you record and publish a video when the mood strikes.

Sadly, “every now and then” and “when the mood strikes” aren’t enough to claim your spot in the rankings.

As an alternative, you need to create a strict content marketing calendar and a strategy for growth.

Here’s why: the most successful marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Add due dates to your content and this will help keep you on schedule.

Frankly, the more content you create, the better. So long as the quality of that content doesn’t lack.

You probably already know, as an illustration, that I write a lot of blog posts on my own. I can often even finish two or three a day if I’m really focused.

This is because I’ve had a lot of practice.

After a bit of time, you’ll be able to do the same thing.

Why is creating constant content such a problem for you and the overwhelming majority of marketers?

The answer is simple. Writing, recording, and editing takes a lot of time.

It’s even harder when you don’t see immediate results.

At the end of the day, though, companies that blog see more visitors, get more backlinks, and have more pages indexed than pages that don’t.

Obviously, you want to be in the blogging category that sees more traffic, links, and indexed pages.

Part of the reason, of course, is because each piece of content they create and each new page they publish gives them another chance to rank in Google.

If you’re creating content consistently, then it’s only a matter of time until you start to rank.

Ranking Mistake #5: Your Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

Perhaps you’re doing everything else right.

Possibly you don’t have any duplicate content on your website. Maybe you’re registered with Google My Business. And maybe you even leverage social signals and create consistent content.

Then, you check your results and still, you’re not ranking.

What gives?

Properly, if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, then that is what gives.

In today’s world where people browse the Internet on different devices every single day, you need to cater to all of those different screen sizes.

It’s so essential that Google even moved to mobile first indexing–which means they look at your mobile site first, rather than your desk top version.

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly?

No problem. Google has a tool for that.

Go here

to test mobile-friendliness.

Type in your URL.

It will quickly tell you if your page is mobile-friendly or not. As you can see below, mine is.

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

Google puts a lot of bearing on this as a result of more than half of all internet traffic

No matter Google cares about, you need to care about as well.

Making your website mobile can be easy. Merely select a WordPress theme that fits your needs and is device-flexible.

That change will automatically help your rankings.

Ranking Mistake #6: Google Hasn’t Indexed Your Website

Does this situation sound familiar?

You’re curious about your website’s rankings, so you open up Google and type in your target keywords.

However you don’t see your website on the first page. So you click through a few pages and still don’t see your result.

Then, determined to make sure everything is working correctly, you type your precise business name into the search engine and maybe your URL as well.

Still nothing.

What is occurring? Why aren’t you showing up anyplace in Google?

Well, the first and most harmless reason is that Google hasn’t yet had time to index your new page.

In case you just created your page, then give it a bit of time earlier than searching for yourself in the results.

This could be taking place because you unintentionally blocked Google from crawling your website.

You’ll need to undo that and ensure that Google is crawling your website whenever it wants to. Here’s how to fix a blocked robot.txt error.

Then, follow these steps to ask Google to index your site.

Google’s robot will then crawl your website at its earliest convenience.

Keep in mind, if Google isn’t able to crawl your website and analyze it, then you have absolutely no chance of ranking.

Make certain your settings in Google Search Console are correct and that the code of your website doesn’t block crawling bots from looking at it.

Ranking Mistake #7: Your Website is Slow

Few issues are worse than searching the web, discovering an end result you want, and then ready more than 10 seconds for that website to load.

You need information, and you want it fast.

Your viewers and target market are not any totally different.

For that reason, Google places vital ranking weight on how quickly your website loads. In fact, that they had a whole update that specifically targeted page speed.

There are two reasons that rankings lower with slower load times.

The primary is that Google directly ranks websites with fast load times better than those with slow load times.

Individuals don’t want to wait, after all.

Google doesn’t want to make them wait.

The second purpose, though, is that when your website has a slow load time, your bounce rate increases which, in turn, hurts your rankings.

It’s a double whammy of loss.

Luckily, you can check your website speed for free by going here and typing in your domain.

Then click “Site Audit” and scroll down to the “Site Speed” section. Here’s what you’ll see:

Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021

This will tell you how fast your website is and how optimized it is for speed. My website loads in one second on desktop and two seconds on mobile devices, both of which are in the “excellent range.”

In case your speed is low and your optimization is also low, that means you can take steps to increase your website speed.

Try, for instance, compressing your image files or simplifying your design.

The faster your website loads, the higher your rankings.


There you have a full list of reasons Why You’re Not Ranking on Google (And How to Fix It) In 2021. If you’re something like other formidable entrepreneurs, you know what it’s like to struggle through the rankings and come out on page ten.

Nobody wants that to happen.

Yet, most of the time, it does happen.

There are, after all, only ten positions that really matter in Google and millions of results


How do you claim your spot?

It starts with doing the right things: generating backlinks, for instance.

Once you’ve done all the right things, sometimes you still don’t rank. That’s when you need to take a look at potential SEO mistakes you’re making.

Now you know some of the commonest ranking mistakes: having duplicate content on your website, not registering with Google My Business, ignoring social alerts, and creating content material sporadically.

Past those, using only a desktop version of your website, blocking your website from Google, and having a slow load speed also hurt your chances of ranking.

Fix those issues, though, and you’ll be ranking in no time.

This will greatly improve your site’s SEO performance. Let me stop here today. Go and improve your blog, I don’t care if you are on blogger, WordPress, free hosting site or paid domain. If you practice this today and always you will give testimony here on the increase of your organic traffic growth.

What problem have you encountered before that hurt your rankings and how did you fix it?

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